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What is an SEO Title Tag?

| Gary Honold |
Key Takeaways: Title tags summarize the content of a page in a few words to help search engine users. Some of the most common mistakes incl…

Foolproof Backlink Management for Lawyers

| Erik J. Olson |
Key Takeaways: Not only does your website need backlinks to support your SEO strategy, but you also need to use a backlink management tool …

10 Practical & affordable ways to market your law firm

Key Takeaways: Digital marketing for law firms requires a clear strategy with goals, a target audience, and consistency. Law firms need mar…

Do keyword research services actually matter?

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: Search engine ranking is heavily dependent on keywords. If you’re not doing the research to know which keywords to incorpora…

The Best Fonts for Signatures and Legal Docs (A Lawyer’s Guide)

| Erik J. Olson |
Key takeaways: The font attorneys use on their websites, legal documents, and signatures can either convey a level of clarity or become fru…

Showcasing your legal awards & accomplishments properly

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: Recognition through legal awards and accomplishments can help bolster your website’s performance in Google search. Ensure yo…

What defines your engaged sessions (bounce rate) in GA4?

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: A high bounce rate could create a problem for your rankings in the search engines. What does a high bounce rate mean, and wh…

How much do Google ads cost?

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: Google ads are a valuable tool for advertising your law firm. These ads, when created properly, can create highly targeted r…

3 Impressive YouTube Lawyers (& Pro Tips to Up Your Game)

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: YouTube videos can help lawyers get attention. Knowing how to create YouTube videos that resonate with clients is key. Here …

How to Attract High-Net-Worth Clients as a Small Law Firm

| Erik J. Olson |
Key takeaways: Building a network with other attorneys in non-competing practices can significantly increase referral opportunities for law…

Best legal directories (the official 2024 verdict)

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: Legal directories are tools that can help law firms get valuable leads to their website. Attorney directories and profiles c…

10 AI content generators for legal SEO (+ the pros & cons)

| Erik J. Olson |
Key takeaways: You’ve seen it on LinkedIn and all of the internet: AI promises to streamline content and offer a fast way to build SEO. The…

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