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Gary Honold

I am a digital marketer and SEO manager with 30+ years’ experience driving web traffic, leads, and conversions for clients in highly competitive markets.
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Recent Articles

Should Divorce Lawyers Offer Free Consultations?

| Gary Honold |
Key Takeaways: As an attorney at law, you do not have to offer free consultations to your family law prospective clients. There are advanta…

SEO is Dead: Change My Mind

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: Though many ask, “Is SEO dead?” there are plenty of reasons you can still bank on it. Recent Google updates are impacting SE…

The Best Budget-Friendly Way to Promote Your Small Law Firm

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: Small law firms need a marketing budget to reach new prospective clients. You can promote your small law firm successfully w…

A Lawyer’s Guide to E-E-A-T: An Introduction

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways E-E-A-T is a critically important component of your website ranking as an attorney. E-E-A-T, along with meeting expectations …

Local SEO Link Building Guide

| Gary Honold |
Key Takeaways: Link building is the process of getting backlinks from other websites to your website. Local links help to improve local SEO…

Here’s What Clients Really Want from The Lawyers They Hire

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: What do clients want most from their lawyers? It’s more complex than just one aspect but a package of exceptional service an…

Template vs Custom: Elevating Your Law Firm’s Website

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: Custom websites offer more than templates, but your brand identity is your choice. With a custom site, your firm has room fo…

Keys to Making Your Law Firm’s Web Content Unique

| Gary Honold |
Key takeaways: Content and SEO are two essential and similar (though not the same) strategies for reaching your legal prospects online. Kno…

How Responding to Negative Reviews Can Boost Your SEO

| Gary Honold |
In the legal profession, maintaining a positive reputation is crucial. With years dedicated to establishing trust and credibility, law firms…

8 Top Tools Lawyers Should Have in Their SEO Arsenals

| Gary Honold | ,
We know that accumulating all the SEO tools required to create optimized content may become pricy if you do not know what you are looking fo…

10 Reasons Your Law Firm is Losing Organic Traffic

| Gary Honold |
Organic traffic is an integral part of any law firm’s SEO marketing strategy, but quite a few common mistakes can cause your firm’s organic …

How to Speed Up Organic Growth on Your Law Firm Site

| Gary Honold |
The lack of organic growth on your law firm’s website represents a significant challenge in today’s competitive marketplace. Your firm may b…

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