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You deserve a website that is beautiful, fast, and converts your best clients.
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Custom Law Firm Website Design

Your website design must be aesthetically pleasing, well-designed, visual in nature (pictures and videos), and easy to navigate. Your prospects must be able to find what they’re looking for quickly without having to wade through unnecessary pages, links, and content. Your design should be simple to use and have easy navigation and menu systems to make your website seamless.

Of course, our websites are optimized for mobile first. Gone are the days of people using only desktop computers to access the internet. Your website will be beautiful regardless of the type of device the visitor is using and seamlessly translate across all devices.

  • Custom designed
  • Mobile optimized
  • Designed to convert and make you money

Conversion optimization

A conversion-focused website design is critical for success. Getting your law firm’s website to the top of search results and driving traffic will do little good unless it can turn visitors into clients.

We integrate compelling content that emphasizes the problems you solve and the reasons you’re better than your competitors at solving them, effective calls to action for case consultation, chat functionality, and above-the-fold designs to persuade your visitors to become clients. Your website will turn information-seekers into leads.

  • Above-the-fold designs
  • Messaging that sells your service
  • Effective CTAs and easy-to-use contact forms
  • A/B website page testing

Built for speed and performance

Speed has a significant impact on the users’ experience and how search engines rank you. It’s critical that your law firm’s website meets or exceeds Google Page Experience guidelines.

If it takes more than 2-3 seconds to load your website, a visitor won’t wait around. Google ranks fast websites higher up in search results, and it even impacts the position as well as the price you pay for PPC advertising. If your law firm’s website loads slowly, taking action steps to address load speed is a critical next step.

  • Speed optimized for mobile and desktop
  • Reduced bounce rates and improved user experience
  • Better search engine rankings and PPC advertising performance

Practice area landing pages

Practice area pages allow you to connect with visitors and help them to better understand your services, brand, and reasons to choose your firm. Well-designed pages engage the potential client, illustrate what value your firm can offer, and compel them to take action to contact you.

We will develop beautiful, clean, informative, easy-to-navigate, and compelling practice area pages that will not overwhelm your potential client in order to turn them into new case leads.

  • Organized and easy-to-navigate practice pages
  • Engage, educate and sell potential clients
  • Compel them to take action
Ready to get more inbound leads for your law firm?

Branding and messaging

Law firm website design starts with the look, feel, and intangibles of branding. Regardless of the degree of branding you have before starting with us, when we’re done, you’ll have a cohesive online presence that will engage your customers. Your custom-designed website will reflect your brand and convey your unique message, just the way you envisioned it.

  • Always custom designed
  • Reflect, convey and meet your brand standards
  • Improve or develop the brand and message

SEO performance ready

Search is an extremely important client acquisition strategy. That’s why every law firm website we build is designed with your target audience and SEO in mind. Our team lives and breathes legal SEO.

We start with the high-intent keywords your potential clients use when they need legal services.

We structure the site to exceed Google SEO standards to ensure it is easily crawled and indexed. Then, we leverage the numerous behind-the-scenes complexities of technical and on-page SEO to build a site that is ready to be found often and high in search results when potential clients are seeking your services.

  • Keyword focused
  • E-A-T SEO approach (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness)
  • SEO friendly site architecture
  • Fast and healthy websites

Search ad landing page optimization

Search advertising is a hugely effective way to market law firms. The advertising click-through landing pages that balance relevance to the advertising with pleasing design aesthetics, easy navigation, speed, and informative content perform better. We provide users who asked a question in search with an answer that is relevant and compels them to take action.

Additionally, the landing page user experience is a component of the quality scores for keywords in search advertising campaigns. The better the quality score, the more often your ad is shown, the higher it ranks in the search results, and the lower the cost-per-click. Good website page designs make your ads perform better.

  • High landing page experience quality score
  • Relevant, informative, and trustworthy content
  • Easily navigated, fast, mobile-optimized pages
  • Designed to convert

Spanish website translation

With our indexable Spanish translation offering, you can instantly cater to the 13% of Spanish speaking population in the United States. It’s fast, easy, and boasts incredible ROI for you and your firm.

  • Website visitors will have an option to switch between English and Spanish versions of each webpage
  • Spanish translations will reside on separate web pages that can be indexed for Spanish search results

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