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Our mission
To provide world class digital marketing that enables our clients to achieve their dreams, fulfill their missions, and impact more lives with their services.
Kevin Daisey Erik Olson Array Digital Founders
The managing partners at array digital
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About Array Digital

We work with law firms across the United States to deliver fully integrated digital marketing campaigns. Our services comprise every aspect of digital branding, marketing, SEO, and advertising.

We are a 100% digital-focused company with expertise and a proven strategy that ensures success for law firms we partner with, minimizes waste, delivers high ROIs, and generates new business.

Array Digital offers everything you need to establish a strong online presence by combining the latest technologies with real-world expertise to deliver fully integrated digital marketing campaigns that generate trackable results.

We harmoniously integrate website design, content, SEO, and PPC advertising to create digital marketing campaigns that take users through the full customer journey from unawareness of your business to becoming a client.

Create a better future for your law firm


Eric Olson Founder at Array Digital

Erik J. Olson

Founder / CEO

Erik J. Olson

Founder & CEO

Erik J. Olson is the Founder & CEO of Array Digital — a marketing agency that enables its clients to achieve their dreams, fulfill their missions, and impact more lives with their services. With 30 years of professional experience, he has started and run multiple companies and currently owns multiple seven-figure marketing agencies.

He is also:

  • Author of Million Dollar Journey: How to Launch a Seven-Figure Business, available on
  • Host of the Journey to $100 Million daily podcast — sharing tips, tricks, and lessons learned from scaling Array Digital into a world-class digital marketing powerhouse.
  • Host of The Managing Partners Podcast — interviews with America’s top managing partners about how they’re running and growing their law firms.

Erik speaks often on the topics of entrepreneurship, building freelance businesses, and digital marketing. Connect with Erik on Instagram at @erik.j.olson.

Kevin Daisy Founder at Array Digital

Kevin Daisey

Founder / Account Executive

Kevin Daisey

Founder / CMO

Kevin Daisey is both the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Array Digital, with a legacy in the digital marketplace spanning over two decades. Kevin’s extensive experience in website design and digital marketing makes him a valuable strategic partner for law firms. He doesn’t just create digital presences; he develops online growth strategies that help law firms establish and lead in their respective fields.

Beyond his pivotal role at Array Digital, Kevin extends his commitment to the legal community as the host of “The Managing Partners Podcast.” Here, he engages with top legal professionals, sharing insights on innovative marketing strategies, leadership dynamics, and the nuances of business growth within the legal sector.

Gary Honold President at Array Digital

Gary Honold

President / CMO

Gary Honold


Gary is a legal marketing expert and designer with over 30+ years of diverse experience that spans branding, website design and development, online marketing and broadcasting. His extensive expertise in SEO, operations, and strategic planning has played a pivotal role in navigating the development and growth of businesses across various sectors.

He has devoted the last decade to working exclusively in legal marketing. His passion for building long-lasting relationships with legal clients is exemplary, and he instills such values into his team. Gary prioritizes educating Array Digital’s clients on the growing complexities of digital marketing so that they can be active participants in their campaigns and witness appreciable results for years to come.

Carlos Garcia Web Development Manager at Array Digital

Carlos Garcia

Web Development Manager

Carlos Garcia

Web Development Manager

Carlos Garcia serves as the Web Development Manager at Array Digital, leading a dedicated team of developers, designers, and specialists. Carlos dedicated a significant portion of his 15-year full-stack development career to creating websites that effectively meet the needs of legal firms across various legal verticles.

Carlos ensures every website focuses on the goal of each law firm; conversions, the gold standard of our industry. Carlos’ deep understanding of the legal world ensures that every website we craft is tailored to its specific legal domain, emphasizing clarity and effectiveness. Carlos’ leadership style is about collaboration, innovation, and results – key components that have positioned Array Digital as a trusted partner in the digital space for law firms.

Rebekah Finol Operations Coordinator at Array Digital

Rebekah Finol

Operations Coordinator

Rebekah Finol


Rebekah is an experienced operations coordinator with a strong background in communications. In her role at Array Digital, she leverages her exceptional interpersonal skills and deep understanding of law firms’ needs to ensure smooth operations and client satisfaction. Rebekah is dedicated to delivering top-notch client service, maintaining transparent communication, and overseeing operational excellence at every stage of the client’s journey.

Kayla Davis the content manager at Array Digital

Kayla Davis

Content Marketing Manager

Kayla Davis

Content Marketing Manager

Kayla is Array Digital’s proud content marketing manager who is passionate about helping law firms create high-quality content that actively builds their clientele and brand. In this role, Kayla collaborates closely with attorneys to research and create search-optimized, data-driven strategies that deliver tangible results. Additionally, she also leads a team of dedicated legal content strategists, editors, and writers to produce hundreds of high-performing content articles yearly. To accomplish the goals of our legal clients and our agency, Kayla places meticulousness and diligence at the forefront of her daily operations. She is a skilled communicator and values the power of transparent relationships with clients.

Core values

We believe strongly in the following core values which reflect in all of our interactions with clients, employees, and the community.

  • Transparency

    Being honest and operating in a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed are the bedrock for building trust with team members and clients.
  • Quality

    We are some of the best at what we do. We provide the highest quality offering practicable. We will always produce at a superior level. Mediocre performance is unacceptable. Every team member is expected to highlight and address low quality work.
  • Urgency

    Being on time is not enough. We must have a sense of urgency and complete our work as quickly as possible. We are growing fast and there’s no opportunity for downtime. The faster we are, the more we will accomplish in the same amount of time.
  • Winning

    We are a winning organization. We win on a daily basis through our actions and attitudes. We win attention, mindshare, and business in the marketplace. We position our clients to win through our high-quality, attention-grabbing digital marketing. We are in this to win it.
  • Passion

    We are passionate about the work we do and how we do it. That passion can clearly be seen in the way we continuously learn more about our craft, in how we constantly strive to improve ourselves as individuals and as an organization, and in how we carry ourselves professionally in all situations.

Our philosophy

Legal digital marketing focus

While our competitors “also do digital marketing for lawyers,” that is all we do! We don’t just dabble in it.

Digital marketing technology and the environment are rapidly changing. New features are added, outdated features are removed, and other features are rewarded or penalized by platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Trends in the legal industry change too. What worked yesterday does not always work today. It’s a full-time job just keeping up with all these changes.

It takes a lot of energy and focus to be on top of all these changes. But we love it. This is all we do. We love digital marketing so much that we volunteer to teach other marketers how to be better at what they do.

The best at what we do

Unless you’re heavily invested in keeping on top of digital marketing — as in spending hours a day learning and working in the space — it is improbable that you’ll be able to compete with law firms that hire professional digital marketers that invest all of their time in this specialty.

Unless you work with a firm that puts all its efforts into being better than other law firm digital marketing agencies, it’s unlikely you can compete with other law firms that hire professional agencies.

Studying and working to be the best at digital marketing for law firms is where we spend our energy and time. Our team is comprised of the best and brightest in the industry. So, we invest heavily in research, training, and recruitment to be the best.

Create a better future for your law firm
Stop wasting your money on agencies that can’t get it done.
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