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Running paid search advertisements gets you seen by the right people.
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Pay Per Click Advertising For Law Firms

There is no faster way to generate business than Google advertising or Google PPC. There’s no waiting for a search engine algorithm to crawl your site and slowly move it up in Google’s rankings. Users will always see the paid search ads first, even if they scroll past them. Users with commercial intent will click on these paid ads 67% of the time.

Search ads provide a laser-targeted way to get in front of potential customers. Ads can be targeted by search keywords, time of day, day of the week, geography, language, device, and audiences based on previous visits. You can eliminate searches that you don’t want to be found with negative keywords such as “pro bono lawyers.” Organic traffic, by comparison, is far more scattershot.

  • Brand visibility
  • Quantifiable results
  • Searchers are ready to become clients
  • Top position in the search results

Determining success

Well-managed campaigns can return huge dividends on your investment. On the other hand, mismanaged campaigns quickly become expensive with little to no return. One click for your law firm can cost $150 to $300. We feel that campaigns that are managed by the average agency are wasteful. That money could have been invested in tactics that produced revenue.

Every legal campaign by Array Digital is held to the highest build and optimization standards executed by a team of seasoned legal PPC experts.

  • Can return huge dividends
  • Campaign held to the highest standards
  • Complete transparency regarding ad spend
  • Tailored suggestions to maximize your budget

PPC metrics for success

The click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who see your ad and select it. With a higher CTR, your firm experiences greater reach that captures new leads through compelling ad copy. If web searchers do not click on your ads, Google doesn’t make money. This strategy benefits law firms by providing a lower cost-per-click. However, all the clicks in the world are worthless (and cost-prohibitive) if you don’t generate qualified leads as a result. Focusing on conversions is the only way to maximize the ROI from your campaign.

  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per acquisition

The PPC agency for law firms

We are a metrics-driven digital marketing agency established solely for law firms. We rely on data and facts to make decisions, not hunches. We have managed millions of dollars worth of PPC spend for law firms specifically. As a result, we have a fundamental understanding of building strategies that excel in lead acquisition for law firms of all sizes.

Despite that knowledge, we are always testing our assumptions to ensure that the best ideas always win. We use industry-leading tools to learn more about your customers and competitors.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Business research

PPC campaign execution

We use sophisticated research tools, our team’s knowledge, and market insights to develop a search advertising build that will perform best for your business. We analyze the historical data on keywords and search trends. We consider your services, history, industry, competition, terms that convert, and landing pages. Then, we develop a build focused on achieving your goals.

Highly optimized landing pages produce higher conversion rates and better quality scores, resulting in lower costs in search advertising. Our PPC experts also thoroughly define your geographical targeting so your firm appears in the areas you prefer for the search terms you desire. We then collaborate with you to establish a cost-effective bidding strategy, and we will provide suggestions when we believe your bidding strategy should be adjusted to better suit your market.

Clients who are not on our support and hosting agreement are provided with valuable insight into the structure and content of their landing pages to ensure the best possible conversion rates.

  • Keyword research
  • Targeted ad groups
  • Text ad development
  • Optimized landing pages
  • Agile bid planning

Campaign management

Managing advertising campaigns takes plenty of time and energy, something in which most business owners, marketers, and agencies don’t properly invest. We’re here to help. Google Ads campaigns require constant adjustments. We are continuously optimizing your campaigns for the conversions you want and sharing critical insights with you. We invest in the resources necessary to guarantee the outcomes for which you hired us.

  • Removing underperforming ads/keywords
  • Landing page optimization recommendations
  • Keyword & ad group analysis
  • Conversion rate optimization

Landing page optimization

Search advertising is a tremendously effective way to market law firms. The advertising click-through landing pages that balance relevance to the advertising with pleasing design aesthetics, easy navigation, speed, and informative content perform best. We provide users who asked a question in search with an answer that is timely and compels them to take action.

The landing page user experience is a component of the quality scores for keywords in search advertising campaigns. The better the quality score, the more often your ad is shown, the higher it ranks in the search results, and the lower the cost-per-click. Good website page designs improve the performance of your ads. Our team of website designers specializes in high-converting attorney landing pages.

  • High landing page experience quality scores
  • Relevant and trustworthy content
  • Easily navigated mobile-optimized pages
  • Designed to convert

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