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10 Best Crm Software Tools for Lawyers

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Key takeaways:

  • CRM software is a critical investment for all law firms because it enables practices to manage client relationships effectively.
  • Numerous options exist, all with various features and integration options, and we break down the best CRM tool for lawyers.
  • Array Digital works to support our clients by providing easy access to all of the tools you need to master your leads as they come in and become repeat clients.

Many law firms struggle to manage client relationships effectively, often juggling between various tools that don’t seamlessly integrate or offer the specific functionalities lawyers need. This fragmentation leads to lost opportunities, inefficiencies, and decreased client satisfaction.

Without a specialized CRM tool, law firms risk falling behind in a highly competitive market. Array Digital understands these challenges and specializes in helping law firms across the U.S. leverage the right CRM tools for growth.

Why Invest in a Client Relationship Management (crm) Tool for Your Law Firm?

As noted by the American Bar Association, attorneys need and benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) tools. There are numerous tools out there, and it can be difficult to know which one offers the best features.

Let’s start with the basics. These systems are either server-based or cloud-based. They allow you to add all the information available for any client you have or any lead that contacts you. You can then manage that client on an ongoing basis quickly and easily. CRM tools are a core component in building and maintaining client relationships. They help you keep in contact with clients and remember where you are within that client relationship.

This leads to other benefits. Law firms can tap into key features, including automation of various tasks and streamlining workflows through features and integrations available within these tools. The result is improved operational efficiency. The functionality of your law firm — from the first contact with a client through closing their case — is all managed in a more efficient, time-saving manner.

Ultimately, this drives better results. Potential clients get better management of their inquiries, and your CRM system allows you to connect with old clients when needed. This drives business growth for your law firm.

From client intake through case management, your legal practice needs a CRM. Before you invest in just any law firm CRM, you need to know how they stack up with each other. To help you streamline the selection process, here’s our take on the best CRMs out there today.

1. Salesforce for Legal

salesforce integration

As one of the most well-recognized names in CRMs, Salesforce is certainly a consideration for most law firms for several reasons. It is the most powerful and most versatile solution available.


  • Comprehensive, including virtually anything you need
  • Track all client interactions and manage marketing campaigns
  • Streamline client communication and interactions
  • Easy to use


  • May cost more than other products
  • Some features may not be necessary for smaller firms

Salesforce easily integrates into most law firms. If you want the most fully featured system and you’re okay with learning how to use it, this is a great choice for your firm.

2. Clio

A cloud-based legal practice management tool, Clio is designed just for law firms, which gives it a unique, highly in-tune feel for most law practices. You can use it for most tasks, including managing cases and documents. It also offers excellent administrative task management features.


  • Designed for attorneys, offering the most customized option available
  • Manage billing clients and cases at the same time
  • Can be used to accept payments
  • Time-saving document feature that allows for easy data retrieval


  • A bit more pricy than some products
  • Costs more if you want more document automation features
  • May need to establish some core foundational steps before establishing a connection

3. Leanlaw

LeanLaw is another law firm-specific CRM with quite a bit to offer, including integrated reports, compensation tracking, and billing solutions. You can choose from two different plan options, priced rather affordably for most small to large firms.


  • Simple interface that’s easy for most people to learn
  • Good option for solo attorneys and smaller law firms looking for most features
  • Access to trust accounting and advanced reporting to help with the management side of law firms


  • Does not have a lot of integration options (yet)
  • Does not have as many features or analytic tools as other CRM

4. Lawmatics

Lawmatics provides a full resource for law firms looking for a single location to manage just about everything. That includes everything from calendars and task management to client documents and intake forms. It also offers robust document assembly and matter management without many technicalities to slow the learning process down.


  • Meets the needs of most law firms
  • Excellent workflow management that’s great with both business and client management
  • Good research tools within the tool to help with researching case law


  • May need an API if you are looking for customized features for the system
  • Can be a bit more expensive than other products on the market, but still robust for most needs

5. My Case Crm

A noted excellent choice for those who want a very easy-to-use system, My Case CRM allows for a simple interface that allows you to upload client documents, manage billing, and track time entries. It is a good overall option for those seeking a quality product, especially as a solo practitioner.


  • Very easy to use, including from learning to the integration of more complicated features
  • Aids in lead tracking, eSignature features, payments, and ongoing client management
  • Cloud-based, intuitive design that offers good overall oversight


  • Reports are somewhat limited
  • Document management and creation can take a bit of learning to get right

6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is less focused on the legal industry and adapts to various industries. It offers most of the services attorneys need, including client data, sales and lead management, and most of the features you need. It features various tool upgrades, including a way to collaborate with teams, reminder tools, a clean dashboard, and good form creation overall.


  • Competitively priced overall for what it offers
  • Easy to use the most basic functions of this process for existing and prospective client management
  • Numerous integrations allow for more customized functions you may desire


  • Not as many reporting tools for law firms
  • Fewer legal automation features than other products
  • Not designed specifically with case management software like other products

7. Law Ruler

From client onboarding to managing the intake process efficiently, Law Ruler is a solid option for most law firms. It is designed to enhance marketing efforts to improve productivity and conversion rates when fully used. You can count on features like communication tracking, time tracking, and automated follow-ups to help legal professionals manage their overall needs.


  • Good overall workflow management with customizable features
  • Integrated time tracking aids in streamlining operations
  • Billing capabilities integrated directly


  • Not as many features as some CRM solutions with limited integration options
  • Not as well known or used and may require some training to make full use of its features

8. Hubspot

HubSpot is a user-friendly CRM that, while not law firm-specific, offers many of the features you need, including contact management, templates for messaging, and a complete client intake process that’s easy to use. It’s an excellent tool for those who want workflow automation options, email campaigns, text messaging, and extensive marketing and customer service support tools.


  • Very robust system, especially for sales and marketing aspects of law firm management
  • The free version may be suitable for some smaller firms.
  • Integrates well with other apps


  • You’ll need the paid version as you grow.
  • There are not as many customizations associated with HubSpot as other tools.

9. Zoho Crm

Another well-recognized name in law firm software tools is Zoho CRM. It’s a good way to centralize most of your law firm’s needs, including client interactions, client details, marketing tasks, and email marketing. It also does an excellent job of providing analytics, which some products do not offer as readily.


  • An affordable option good for solo and larger firms that are budget-conscious
  • Great workflow automation to improve productivity
  • Integrates with various other Zoho apps and features


  • It’s not precisely perfect for law firms since it’s for various industries.
  • You will need to take some time to learn how to use it.

10. Asana Legal Software

Asana task overview dashboard

For the tech-savvy law firm, it may be worth checking out Asana legal software. It is a great way to launch projects, manage marketing, and navigate more of the business side of the law firm, along with your client’s needs.


  • High-tech, fully functional tool
  • Integrates with several other legal tools and features
  • Widely used and recognized


  • It’s not necessarily legal-specific from the ground up, but a reliable project management app, nonetheless.
  • Doesn’t offer as much analytics and reporting as other tools

Why Law Firms Partner With Array Digital

As you think about how you will get new clients, manage existing client experience, and try to navigate managing the financial and people aspects of your firm, it helps to know there’s a team available to streamline the entire process for you.

At Array Digital, we focus on creating experiences for your clients, demonstrating the expertise of your attorneys, and building credibility in the process. With custom strategies designed for our law firms and their legal services, we can help small firms and large practices master online presence.


  • “Kevin and the Array Digital team are exceptional at what they do! If you are looking to grow your law firm, look no further. Array is the expert team that you need to take the complexities of digital marketing off of your plate and bring customers who need you to your doorstep.” — Greg T.
  • “Array Digital and Kevin Daisy, in particular, have the right attitude about helping companies raise their profile and gain more clients. They deliver value and results. I highly recommend them and refer my clients to them.” — Eric D.
  • “Erik and the Array Digital team are top-notch in the digital marketing spaces, particularly for SEO. Their understanding of Google, the algorithms, and the work involved in getting websites ranking on the first page is unparalleled. Thank you, Erik!!” — Andrew Z.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crm Systems for Law Firms

What Makes a Crm Tool Effective for Law Firms?

Always select a CRM tool for your law practice based on your firm’s needs. However, some core components of the best CRM tools for law firms will include:

  • Client intake tools for all client information
  • Case management tool
  • Document management features
  • High-level data security
  • Marketing automation

Other beneficial features include appointment scheduling, full practice management software, and even a mobile app for ease of use.

How Does Crm Integration Impact Client Satisfaction?

While CRM seems to help speed up data entry and manage your practice in-house, it also directly impacts clients. It enables you to understand your clientele better and create more personalized experiences for them. Ultimately, every client wants to be the most important one. CRM lets that happen. At the same time, it increases efficiency and decision-making for both the attorney and the client.

Can Crm Software Help in Legal Case Management?

CRM software directly provides a simple way to handle legal case management. It aims to support lead conversions, revenue growth, and referrals. It can help store data and details but also allows for full case management in law-firm-specific solutions.

How Do I Choose the Right Crm for My Law Firm?

  • Look at the program’s key features and how well they align with your needs.
  • Determine how much training and support the tool would require.
  • Consider integration with tools you are already using.
  • Factor in pricing.

You Need More Than Just a Marketing Agency

At Array Digital, we offer lawyers advice on managing their firm with custom personal coaching sessions and actionable strategies that expand their reach and increase revenue.

Contact Array Digital today! Let us help you select and implement the perfect CRM solution that aligns with your firm’s unique needs and goals. Empower your attorneys, partners, and marketing managers with the tools they need to succeed.

Written By Gary Honold
President / CMO
I am a digital marketer and SEO manager with 30+ years’ experience driving web traffic, leads, and conversions for clients in highly competitive markets.

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