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Scaling Your Law Firm’s Budget for Annual Growth

| Erik J. Olson |
Key takeaways: The Profit First Method is an effective, proven way to create permanent profit. Reorganizing how you manage business cash fl…

How to Overcome the Startup ‘Valley of Death’

At the last company I worked for as an employee, the HR Manager remarked on more than one occasion that the owner of the business was just l…

How To Overcome The Struggle of Starting Your Own Business

I received the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in 2016. It was an amazing honor and the award sits proudly on the bookshelf in my office. A…

How To Determine Your Best Clients

As odd as it may sound, I did not know who our best clients were until about a week ago. After running Array Digital for the last two years,…

A Lack of Urgency Is Killing Your Business

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time? I don’t just mean in your business. Or in your personal life. I mean in life. As morose a…

Overcoming Distractions In Your Business

I’ve been staring at this blank document for an hour and I’m just now typing out this sentence. It’s not that I have writer’s block. The rea…

The Trouble with Onboarding New Clients

Running a business means that you’re contracting with clients to provide services. Those services obviously cost a set amount of money and c…

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