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Different Types of Google Ads for Lawyers

| Erik J. Olson |
Concerned your law firm isn‘t bringing in enough business? Feel like you‘re falling behind to your competitors? Ads for lawyers can be a hug…

How Your Law Firm Can Reach New Clients

| Erik J. Olson |
The Internet brought many changes to various aspects of human relationships. In addition, new technologies and the World Wide Web change th…

Google Local Service ads for law firms

| Erik J. Olson |
Google rolled out a new PPC advertising product that recently appeared in markets around the United States for law firms. These ads appear a…

Is TV or Search Advertising More Effective for Law Firms?

| Erik J. Olson |
Recently, a managing partner at one of the Personal Injury law firms I serve asked me if investing $10,000 to $15,000 in broadcast televisio…

Is Facebook or Google Advertising Better?

| Erik J. Olson |
The online world is changing our lives, therefore, you should not doubt whether to advertise online or not. The answer is always yes! Now, t…

Digital vs Traditional Advertising: How Much Does Each Cost?

| Erik J. Olson |
For years, the word marketing has been taboo for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and medium-sized companies. Many see it as high-investment…

Advertising on TV: OTT Advertising

| Erik J. Olson |
The world is moving away from broadcast TV. No longer do people have the patience to wait for their show to come on at the appointed time.  …

How To Increase Clicks With Google Ads

| Erik J. Olson |
How many different online advertising platforms have you tried? If you’re considering spending money on online ads, then you want to maximiz…

The Ultimate Guide to Online Advertising with Facebook Ads

| Erik J. Olson |
I seem to start all my articles off with a statistic, so why make this one any different? As of December 31, 2018, there are over 2.32 billi…

Landing Pages: How To Get More Ad Conversions

| Erik J. Olson |
We work with a lot of clients who have dumped money into online advertising on platforms like Google and Facebook. They may even get good cl…

Traditional vs. Digital Advertising: Which Is Better?

| Erik J. Olson |
We spend a lot of time at Array Digital determining which platforms provide the best value for advertising. We work with several businesses …

The Best Places to Advertise Online

| Erik J. Olson |
So you want to start advertising online? Awesome! But where do you start? How do you know which platforms will give you the best results? Wh…

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