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Different Types of Google Ads for Lawyers

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Concerned your law firm isn‘t bringing in enough business? Feel like you‘re falling behind to your competitors? Ads for lawyers can be a huge boon to your firm‘s traffic and bottom line. However, the process of making those ads work for your law firm is part art and part science. The better you understand law firm PPC advertising, the more effective your ad efforts become.

There is an art to converting ad viewers into paying clients for your firm. Whether you are one of many small law firms throughout the country or have a much larger presence within the legal community, legal marketing can be instrumental in your current and continued success. Your ad campaigns may not have paid off that well in the past, but it’s time to change things up a bit with PPC ads targeted to bring traffic to your law firm’s website.

Tired of trying to come up with creative new advertising ideas for your firm? Our talented team of marketing professionals can help you create memorable ads that get the attention of viewers and stand out above those of your competitors. Array Digital can help you create ad campaigns that convert for your law office time and time again.

Effective legal marketing is no small feat, and we have the experience and knowledge to help you get more mileage from your advertising dollar. Are you ready to stop wasting time and money on ineffective ad campaigns? Perhaps it‘s time to call Array Digital at 757-333-3021 or fill out our online form so one of our digital marketing experts can contact you. If you’re ready to take your law firm to the next level with effective online advertising and more, then it is time to contact Array Digital.

What Are Some Different Types of Lawyer Ads?

Google is a wonderland for attorneys seeking to start new advertising campaigns online. They offer a wide variety of ad options. Plus, they allow you to choose the types of ads that best suit your needs and interests. These are a few common ads law firms might be interested in pursuing to stay on top of your marketing efforts and ahead of your competitors.

Search Ads

These are the most popular types of ads for law firms to utilize. These ads are targeted to specific keywords and search terms and pop up in the list of search results. While Google does indicate that these are sponsored ads, many viewers consider these ads as having the same “authority“ as websites coming up as search results. This anecdotal authority is part of the reason they are so popular among law firms seeking to advertise.  

Dynamic Search Ads

These ads are especially beneficial because Google crawls your website and matches your site to search terms that are related to your site’s content. The search engine then dynamically creates headlines that match the search term.

Display Ads

Most people think of billboards and large magazine or newspaper advertisements when thinking of display ads. The internet also offers many options for outstanding performance using display ads. Contextually targeted ads are among the most popular display ads for lawyers. These ads work by placing advertisements on specific websites based on certain criteria, such as:

  • Keywords or phrase
  • Language and location preferences
  • Host website’s theme
  • Browsing histories of recent website visitors
  • The topic of the ad

While many law firms appreciate the benefits offered by search ads, display advertisements continue to offer substantial rewards to those who master the concept.

Local Service Ads

Ultimately, law firms are local service providers. Even if your practice operates across multiple communities and in multiple states, you provide your legal services to people who live within your service areas. Using advertisement methods that target specific locations means you’re not wasting resources in New York or San Francisco when your practice is in Michigan or Illinois, for example.

Video Ads

You do not have to pay the exorbitant rates for a Super Bowl commercial to have an effective video ad campaign. In fact, with the right social media presence, even small law firms can afford to bring their services to light with local TV commercials, social media videos, and effective SEO. You get an amazing profile boost on the local level without shelling out big bucks to make it happen.

Shopping Ads

This is not as useful to law firms when it comes to advertising unless you have physical products you’re trying to sell in addition to the services you provide. However, it is worth knowing that this type of ad exists and that your advertising dollars may best be spent on other types of ads.

Before you begin working on any major online advertising efforts for your law firm website, it is best to establish a budget for your advertising, target your keywords for effective SEO, identify your target practice area, and implement tracking to determine how effective your ad campaigns are for your business.

How Do Lawyers Start Advertising with Google Ads?

Google Advertising can be instrumental in helping your firm bring in organic traffic. More importantly, Google Ads are fast and effective. If you are serious about law firm marketing, Google Ads can deliver plenty of leads in a short amount of time.

The thing to remember before you begin any law firm marketing campaign is to have a solid marketing strategy. Then, you must follow the budget you’ve created for your campaign. Finally, you need to have a method to test and measure your results. This will let you determine which PPC campaigns are the most effective and which campaigns need to be tweaked for better results and more new clients.

Even if you choose an advertising medium that isn’t Google Ads, you will need to establish a budget, stick with it, and have a specific goal for your advertising efforts in mind. This holds true whether you‘re doing a TV ad for a personal injury lawyer in California, a divorce lawyer in Virginia, or a real estate lawyer in New York.

Setting a budget also means you need to choose your keywords wisely. Did you know that the word “attorney“ is the fourth most expensive keyword for PPC advertising? “Lawyer“ sinks down to sixth. It means you need to be as creative as possible until you‘re confident in the effectiveness of a specific advertising campaign.

This is why metrics and analytics, not to mention knowing where your conversions are coming from, are so important. Something as simple as using a special phone number for an ad campaign can help you judge its overall effectiveness better. Thinking outside of the box and establishing your ad campaigns to be efficient can be difficult to do on your own. Consider bringing in marketing experts, like the talented team at Array Digital, to help you create winning ad campaigns for your firm.

Why is it Important for Lawyers to Advertise?

Your legal practice is like any other business in many ways. You need to advertise to help your business grow and reach out to potential clients. Effective advertising also helps you gain repeat business from clients you’ve served in the past while giving you a competitive advantage on the local level. This is especially the case if you’ve practiced good optimization efforts to target your local audience and the specific legal industry you serve.

Also, while referrals are a great way to get highly-qualified leads, you will exponentially increase your referrals by attracting clients by digital means. For instance, if you successfully helped one client with their case, they may refer you to two of their friends or family members. However, if you attracted 10 people through ads and won their cases, then they will refer you to their immediate networks, resulting in a greater number of genuine leads coming your way.

Ready to get more inbound leads for your law firm?

What are Some of the Ethical Issues Involved When It Comes to Advertising?

Always keep in mind that the American Bar Association (as well as your State Bar in many cases) has specific rules about how you can advertise your firm. For instance, you cannot make statements that are deceptive, false, or misleading. This means a personal injury attorney cannot use advertising claiming to have won settlements for clients that are larger than actual settlements won or claim years of courtroom experience when just out of law school.

When creating ads for law firms, Array Digital collaborates directly with our clients to review the ad copy before it is live. You will have the opportunity to read the drafted copy, make suggestions and changes, and then create even more ad groups with us over time.

Stop Waiting to Be Found. Advertise Online and Be Seen.

The internet is undoubtedly vast. There are nearly two billion websites online today. More importantly, that number is growing. That means your law firm website is competing with all these websites for the limited attention of people seeking your services. It is extremely difficult to stand out in a sea so large. Advertising helps you narrow things down so that you‘re operating in a smaller pond. This simple act makes it much easier for your website to stand out from the crowd. It gives you an opportunity to shine as one of the “big fish.“

Unfortunately, left to your own devices, it can be difficult to make the most out of your advertising efforts. That is why it is often best to work with marketing experts. Just as you are an expert in your field of legal practice, marketing experts are experts in creating effective ad campaigns. As it happens, Array Digital takes it one step further as we specialize in helping law firms create effective marketing campaigns so you can stay ahead of your competitors. Contact Array Digital today either by calling 757-333-3021 or by filling out our online form so one of our marketing experts can reach out to you. Begin your journey to more effective advertising and reaching a much larger pool of potential customers for your law firm today.

Written By Erik J. Olson
Founder & CEO
Erik J. Olson is the Founder & CEO of Array Digital—a marketing agency that enables its clients to achieve their dreams, fulfill their missions, and impact more lives with their services.

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