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Web design for family lawyers

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Key takeaways:

  • To get new clients, a family law firm website must clearly communicate empathy, compassion, experience, and trust.
  • The design of your site needs to start by capturing visitors by incorporating solid search engine optimization strategies. It should work efficiently without any delays or slowdowns once someone reaches your site.
  • With the right user experience, color scheme, layout, and overall functionality, your family law firm website design will encourage readers to take action: to contact you to solve their problems.
  • Array Digital works to create effective digital marketing strategies for family law firms that get reliable results time and time again.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

It may seem impossible to stand out online, but we are here today to discuss opportunities. Without a website that effectively communicates your firm’s unique approach, values, and success stories, you risk getting lost in the sea of generic law firm websites.

Array Digital specializes in creating custom web design strategies for family lawyers. Our approach considers your firm’s specific needs, geography, and competitors to ensure you have access to online opportunities by creating a presence that is as unique and impactful as your services. A great website will attract and resonate with your ideal clients while increasing your revenue. So, let’s talk about this opportunity for family lawyers and what your website needs to stand out.

Successful Family Law Firm Web Design Case Study

Homepage of Poarch Thompson law website

Recently, our team at Array Digital redesigned the Porarch Thompson Law website.

When the user first arrives on Poarch Thompson Law’s website, there’s a sense of confidence and family-first support. The site’s design is welcoming, warm, and encouraging.

After that initial moment of landing on the page, the reader feels that this law firm isn’t just about closing the transaction but supporting families in need, facing impossible circumstances, and providing results. The law firm, which handles immigration and adoption legal matters, is very clearly evident as a solution provider. The language is inviting and not sales-oriented. It’s appealing because it helps to create a more down-to-earth “this attorney gets me” type of experience.

Our approach to modern website design

This family law firm’s website is an ideal representation of a site that understands the target audience, meets the reader’s expectations, connects instantly through images, color, and layout, and then offers a solution to the problems the client is struggling with, becoming a trusted resource. All this from a website’s design and just arriving at the page? Yes!

  • Platform: WordPress
    • Our team chose to build Porch Thomson’s website on WordPress. This gives our client the flexibility to perform updates to content and design seamlessly to meet their clients’ needs.
    • WordPress integrates with powerful SEO tools like Yoast and All in One SEO to better optimize their site, improve organic rankings, and ensure accessibility for all of their website visitors.
    • WordPress allowed our team to better organize Porch Thompson’s blogs and services into specific categories, allowing users to find information quickly.
    • The WordPress platform has one of the largest online communities which provides access to the latest trends, security updates, and support.
  • Branding Dynamics:
    • Warm, bright, natural hues help to create a very home-like feel to the website.
    • The colors are soft, not abrasive and bold, helping to communicate a message of “I can help you.”
    • The entire family-focused website, from the images to the smiling faces, clearly communicates that this attorney solves family problems, creating better results for clients.
  • Key features & Accessibility:
    • Numerous calls to action (“Contact Us” and “Schedule an Appointment” links)
    • Spanish translation tools, which is a critical need on an immigration website.
    • Easy-to-read layout with “read more” links
    • Smiling, friendly attorney bios help to continue the trust and confidence theme.
    • Easy navigation tools, a list of services, and a blog that outlines a great deal of information for the prospective client.

Why is creative website design essential for family lawyers?

Website design is more than just the way a website functions. It’s about creating a feeling, experience, and level of trust that your target audience responds to. Creative web design helps to establish a sense of trust and credibility with potential clients.

Your website should address the unique needs of family law clients, providing them with reassurance, resources, and clear calls to action to engage with your firm.

When you land on the Poarch Thompson Law website, you instantly get a sense of their services and benefits. However, it’s also easy to feel supported, guided, and confident that this attorney understands immigration law and keeps families together.

How can your web design reflect your firm’s expertise and compassion?

Many attorney websites are bold, highly professional, and even a bit stuffy. After all, they deal with complicated legal matters and how to navigate difficult challenges. Family law must be different. You must be able to express compassion and empathy for the prospective client. You must communicate that you get what they are going through.

How can you do this through your website’s user experience and design?

  • Incorporate attorney profiles that turn the face of the law firm into a real person, someone with whom the prospective client can instantly connect.
  • Include client testimonials that help to demonstrate what you’ve already done to support other clients in the same situation as your target audience.
  • Provide case study results, demonstrating what others can expect, including a breakdown of what you can do for people, how the process works, and how family law applies to their situation. Give them a clear example to build trust.
  • Provide resources on family law topics, including divorce in your state, child custody, child support, and related matters. Educate them to build their confidence in you.

While you provide these resources about your family law practice and family law in general, incorporate that into a website that offers a design color scheme and branding that furthers that sense of empathy and compassion. You want your legal services to stand out and your site to say, “I understand what you are facing.”

As you work to build trust and create the functionality a family lawyer website needs to convey, you also must understand the specific terms and phrases that you, as an attorney, cannot use on your website. View our blog post on ABA guidelines for deeper insight on this.

Incorporating SEO best practices in your law firm web design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a core component of your digital marketing strategy. While it doesn’t directly connect with how your website feels to the reader, it helps Google get those readers to your site.

SEO for family law firms is critical. It helps with rankings on the search engines, keeping your website easily accessible to people looking for the legal services you need. To build out your marketing strategy from an SEO point of view, start by including words and key terms your clients would be most likely to search for when in need of your services. Something as simple as “immigration lawyer” for Porch Thompson would be a great start.

Additionally, mobile optimization (having a website that is easy to use on mobile devices) is another essential feature. Since so many people use their phones to find the information they need, you want to make sure your website visitors — on any device — can easily navigate and use your site.

Third, you need to ensure you are employing local SEO techniques, such as creating a Google Business Profile for your firm. These methods help you to gain high visibility in search results within your local area. This is what helps your web pages and legal website overall to stand out over your local competition.

The role of user experience (UX) in converting site visitors into clients

infographic showing steps to convert website users

User experience is the way family law websites function to provide a meaningful interaction for the reader. It directly impacts the reader’s interaction with your law firm website and your firm itself.

Improving UX ensures people can quickly and easily navigate your site. There are numerous ways to do this, but these are the most important:

  • Easy navigation: moving around the site from one web page to the next must be easy. Clear headings that are easy to read and typography that’s pleasant and formal also work well here.
  • Fast loading times: The responsiveness of your site matters. It’s easy to hit the back arrow and choose another website that loads fast if yours does not. When done well, the family law web design should allow the site to load in moments (seconds) without any delay due to videos or complicated graphics.
  • Clear calls to action: A clear call to action (CTA) tells your clients exactly how to get help. It points them in the direction of your contact form. CTAs directly impact your conversion rate (the rate at which visitors become leads). Calls to action should include contact information that’s easy to find.

Why is user experience (UX) so important for conversion rate

These features on your website help your legal practice turn a visitor into a lead. If your site is easy to navigate, it will lead to higher conversation rates. That means all of this work is producing clients for your firm.

Take a moment to consider the Poarch Thompson Law website. When you do, you’ll see several key things. Along the top are easy-to-use navigational links, making it easy to go from one website page to the next. Scrolling down the home page, you see numerous clear call-to-actions, telling clients to “read more” and to fill out a form to get a consultation. The site loads in seconds, producing a clear image, all the information needed to make a decision, and a contact form. That’s effective.

Why law firms partner with Array Digital for family law website design

From picking fonts and creating logos to choosing the most user-friendly design that communicates your law firm’s brand, Array Digital gets to know your firm and your clients. We do more than just offer great information on your practice areas. We create a website for you that offers high-quality information and establishes a clear, positive online presence.

How do we do that? Our experience working directly with law firms allows us to create a better product for our clients. That expertise and our credibility help your website to stand out and perform as you need. That’s because we listen to our clients and create custom strategies for them. It pays off in every way for every family law lawyer we work with on a consistent basis.


“Array Digital and Kevin Daisy, in particular, have the right attitude about helping companies raise their profile and gain more clients. They deliver value and results. I highly recommend them and refer my clients to them.” – Eric D.

“Array Digital has built an awesome website for our law firm and has used SEO to move us to the top of the page on Google. Two of our most recent settlements were for clients who found us on Google, which is a direct result of the great work Array Digital has done for us. They are true professionals who know their stuff!” – James K.

“I Have worked with Array for several years. After having website management / SEO services provided by many companies over the years, Array has been the most productive and effective for my business. They have always remained professional and stay on top of such an ever-changing industry. Their customer service is superb!” – Sergio V.

Ready to transform your online presence into a revenue generator?

At Array Digital, we work hard to ensure our clients have access to the best website functionality and optimization possible. It shows in the results they get — a steady stream of clients. Are you ready to move your family law firm to the next level?

Connect with Array Digital now. Call 757-333-3021 or fill out the contact form at this link to get the support you need now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a better web design for family lawyers?

Like any other component of your legal marketing, it’s worth comparing various solutions to find one that works for your needs.

While we are happy to help you navigate the best family law sites for your needs, there is an importance in selecting something that resonates with you and your law firm. This can be a valuable part of the web development process and our marketing services. Linking your brand with the functionality of your website is possible.

How often should a law firm update its website?

The best family law websites are always fresh and offer high-quality information and an eye-catching, modern design. How often you need to update this depends on your needs and the type of content on your site. Typically, we encourage an update every two years to keep it competitive and on brand.

How can web design improve client acquisition for family law firms?

Your website design produces clients for your firm. If the site isn’t clear and effective, is not targeting the right keywords for your local competition, or lacks an easy-to-navigate design, you’re limiting your reach. With these features and others in place, your website communicates what you can do for your prospective clients.

More so, when we design your site, it allows you to see the difference. Through Google Analytics and other tools, we can measure the ROI of any marketing strategy you put into place or any update to your law firm’s website.

  • This allows us to help turn visitors into clients.
  • You get the right type of client for your firm.
  • Visitors can easily move through your site.
  • Visitors can see an interesting header, click on it, and learn more.
  • Visitors see family law cases you’ve resolved, boosting their confidence in your ability to help them.
  • Then, they easily see how you can help them with the legal issues they have from the practice area and family law matters discussed on your site, blog, and even your social media.
  • Ultimately, they gain the trust and confidence to call your phone number or fill out a form.

These are well-qualified leads, people who are ready to take action. You don’t have to compete for them through an expensive ad campaign. That directly helps with client acquisition.

Written By Gary Honold
I am a digital marketer and SEO manager with 30+ years’ experience driving web traffic, leads, and conversions for clients in highly competitive markets.

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