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Mobile Websites For Law Firms

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Over half of all searches are now made on mobile devices. If your law firm’s web design isn’t responsive, you will lose those potential contacts. Your competitors already have mobile-friendly sites, and your potential clients are moving to them as a result. Contact Array Digital today to schedule a website evaluation and see what you can do to make your law firm’s website mobile-friendly.

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Is Your Law Firm Website Mobile-Friendly? Why It Matters

In the modern world, the majority of website traffic comes not from desktop computers, but from mobile devices. In the first quarter of 2021, 54.8% of website traffic came from mobile devices. Since 2019, over half of all website traffic has been from a mobile device. That means an effective online marketing strategy must target mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design Requires Planning

A mobile-friendly website doesn’t happen by accident. A typical website design does not necessarily work well on a mobile device. Yet more and more people are already searching for you on mobile devices, causing you to lose potential contacts.

Working with the right web design team can help you optimize your site to reach mobile users. Array Digital is well-versed in mobile web design techniques and the unique needs of law firms for online marketing. This combination makes us the right choice for your mobile marketing efforts.

Target Smartphone Users More Effectively

When people grab their phones to search about a legal matter, such as family law or estate planning, having a site that shows up well on their mobile device is key to getting that potential new client. These clients are often fairly far in the marketing funnel, and they are likely ready to make a phone call. A mobile-friendly law firm website design allows you to target smartphone users with your online marketing efforts.

Create the Right Impression With Potential Clients

In addition, having a responsive website that shows up well on both desktops and mobile devices makes your firm look tech-savvy. This can help brand you as a modern, trustworthy law firm that people want to do business with. Some prospective clients will trust that you are ahead of the game because they will be able to find you online no matter how they search.

Mobile Website for Your Law Firm That Displays Well

So how do you go about getting a mobile site? Mobile sites are different from desktop sites for several reasons, including these:

Different Screen Sizes

A mobile screen is a tiny portion of the size of a desktop screen. This greatly limits the amount of information a mobile site can display because the screen simply can’t hold as much information as a computer monitor can. Your website’s mobile design must account for this smaller screen size. This also means that you must carefully plan the content on that screen. Each piece of content needs to have a specific role in driving people to your firm and its practice areas.

Different User Habits

When people are on a smartphone, they browse the Internet differently than when they are on the computer. For example, users on a desktop computer will spend 16.7 minutes on a website on average, but only 10.4 seconds on a mobile site using a cell phone. This means that you can’t offer up large chunks of text on a mobile website because site visitors won’t read it.

Time is just one way mobile users are different from desktop users. Intent is another difference. People searching on their phones are often closer to a purchase decision than those who browse on a computer, and 76% of mobile users who search with their smartphones will visit a business within a day. While law firms may have slightly different stats, this shows that mobile searchers are ready to get to work, making them highly targeted traffic worth reaching.

Different Load Times

The cell phone user experience requires a fast load time. Since people won’t stay on a mobile site long, it has to load lightning-fast. Potential clients searching online will not spend long on a site if it won’t load quickly.

The average time for a mobile webpage to load fully is 15.3 seconds. However, the most important parts of the page need to load more quickly than this to keep users on the site. Statistics show that even a one-second delay in mobile load times can impact your conversions by as much as 20%, so mobile sites must load quickly.

Site and Functionality Must Work on Mobile

To reach mobile users, your site must look good and function well on both mobile phones and tablets. The mobile-friendly design ensures your website will show up well no matter which type of mobile device the user has.

If people report a negative experience on a mobile site, it detracts from their view of your law firm. In fact, a negative experience on mobile makes it 62% less likely that the individual will make a purchase later. Even a highly effective website in other ways will not convert if the mobile site gives a negative experience.

Responsive Design Addresses Both

That said, a mobile-friendly website will look bare and empty on a desktop, and it will not provide the right user experience for the desktop user. Responsive design allows a site to automatically adjust based on the user’s platform. If the user is on a desktop, it will show the desktop version of the site. If the user is on a phone or tablet, it will show the mobile version.

This responsiveness helps increase conversions and takes away the guesswork of deciding what platform to spend your time targeting. With responsive design, you can target both. Array Digital will help you build a responsive and effective website utilizing the most current best practices.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Help SEO Rankings

Another reason you should focus on creating a lawyer website that is mobile-friendly is to help your search engine optimization efforts. Google recognizes responsive legal industry websites and rewards those with higher rankings. If you are serious about SEO, you need to get serious about mobile-friendly design.

The higher ranking that comes with a mobile-friendly site occurs because a responsive site offers a better user experience, regardless of the platform prospective clients use to search for your law office. Google’s goal is to give search results that help people find what they are looking for, and this means delivering results they can read on any device they are using.

In addition, a truly mobile-friendly website has a faster load speed. That, in turn, improves the new website’s ranking. This combination boosts your search marketing strategies simply by making your website responsive.

Mobile-Friendly Website Improves Mobile User Experience

Ultimately, your goal with a law firm website is to reach website visitors with your message, and that requires usability on all platforms. A mobile-friendly website won’t frustrate visitors with web pages they can’t see on their device. This better user experience almost always leads to better conversions.

mobile-friendly website will load quickly, making your law office look professional to those who visit. Users are less likely to click away and go to your competition when they see the information they need to be displayed quickly after clicking the link on your site.

Finally, a mobile-friendly website will hyperlink your phone number so visitors can easily call you to get more information about your services. This increases the chances of conversion because the ability to call is intuitive.

Features of a Mobile-Friendly Law Firm Website

The importance of a mobile site is clear, but many law firms are lost as to how to create such a site. How can you tell if your website is mobile-friendly? The best way to create a mobile-friendly site is with the help of online marketing professionals, but you also need to know what that site looks like.

Some features that show your attorney website works well for mobile users include these:

Responsive Website Design

The most important feature is responsive website design. Responsive websites showcase the best version of the site based on the screen size of the device used. Responsiveness lets the site reformat itself to show properly to the user in a way that makes sense for their particular device. Array Digital can help you customize your site to be responsive and give your visitors a good user experience.

Clear Call-to-Action

On the mobile-facing side of your website, don’t load the page with contact information. Rather, have a clear call-to-action button that says “call now” or “get more information” and links to your online form or phone number. Tell the user exactly what they need to do to get information, then make it easy for them to do it with a simple button. Remember, the user has limited screen space, so simple is better.

Click-to-Call Phone Number

Your mobile site needs to have your phone number, but it works best if that number is formatted as a click-to-call number. Users who have to remember a phone number or copy/paste it into their dialer are not going to take that action. Alternately, if a user is visiting your website to inquire about your practice areas, and all they have to do to schedule their free consultation is click a button or hyperlinked phone number, they are highly likely to take action.

Swiping-Friendly Navigation

Can site visitors swipe on your site to navigate it, or do they have to click on everything they want to utilize? This is becoming increasingly popular as mobile phone usage increases. It takes specific design elements to make your web paging swiping-friendly, so work with your web design and optimization team at Array Digital to incorporate that into your site.

Simple Contact Forms

One of the goals of a legal marketing website is to gain new contacts, but complex contact forms will be a distraction for mobile users. Keep your mobile site contact forms as simple as possible, asking for little more than an email address, name, and phone number. The entire form should fit easily on the screen, without the need to scroll around to find all the fields.

Professional Help Can Make Your Web Pages Mobile-Friendly

If the process of creating a mobile-friendly website seems overwhelming, you can get help from Array Digital. Our web design and online marketing professionals have the SEO and mobile digital marketing skills you need to create a mobile-friendly new website.

If you already have a website, we can also tweak it to be responsive and effective. We will evaluate what elements your site has that works and provide suggestions for changes to make it work even better. Our goal is to help you have a larger number of conversions to enjoy more online marketing success.

As part of our professional web design help, we offer analytics services. We will show you how well your new or updated site is working, helping you make additional changes if they are needed. This insight lets you make the right choices if you need to make adjustments, rather than simply guessing what needs to be changed.

This comprehensive combination of web design, website optimization, and analytics will help you maximize your online presence, no matter what type of device someone is searching with. Mobile websites for law firms are essential, and Array Digital will help make it happen.

Schedule a Free Consultation and Website Evaluation With Array Digital

A new, mobile-friendly website is just around the corner for your law firm. Array Digital is here to make it happen. All you need to do is schedule a free consultation at 757.333.3021 or contact us using our online contact form to speak with an experienced digital marketing expert at Array Digital and start optimizing your site.

Written By Erik J. Olson
Founder & CEO
Erik J. Olson is the Founder & CEO of Array Digital—a marketing agency that enables its clients to achieve their dreams, fulfill their missions, and impact more lives with their services.

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