Journey To $100 Million

Journey To $100 Million

Accelerate your entrepreneurial journey by learning from our mistakes instead of making them yourself. Join Erik J. Olson and Kevin Daisey, the founders of Array Digital, through their ups and downs and lessons learned as they grow their digital marketing agency to $100 million in revenue. In each daily episode they'll discuss what's working now, and what's not. They'll share entrepreneurial and marketing tips and tricks picked up while becoming a dominant player in the ever changing digital marketing industry.

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Taking Calculated Risks to Grow Your Company

Have you ever had a problem that stems from a good situation? Recently, we had our best Marketers Anonymous meetup yet! In episode 222 of Journey to $100 Million, listen in to Erik as he explains the situation we have found ourselves in with the growing size of our meetups.

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The Lasting Impact SEO Can Have on Your Company

Kevin’s previous company provided services that had a high ranking on Google based on their location. In episode 221 of Journey to $100 Million, listen in to Kevin as he shares how we are now trying to get back on track in Google search results here at Array Digital.

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How to Mitigate Late Payment Risks

In Erik’s most recent episode, he talked about how sending an invoice to a client means you are effectively extending them credit. We realized that this can pose a big risk to the company, and needed to figure out a way to eliminate this risk and receive payment prior to completing client work. In episode 220 of Journey to $100 Million, Erik discusses how we plan to do this at Array Digital.

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Follow along as we take our digital marketing agency from $1M in sales in 2018 to $100M by 2030. Hosted by Erik Olson and Kevin Daisey, the founders of Array Digital, our podcast chronicles the ups and downs, the wins and loses, and the tools and strategies we deploy along the journey to becoming a dominant player in the ever changing digital marketing industry.

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