Journey to $100 Million


Accelerate your entrepreneurial journey by learning from our mistakes instead of making them yourself. Join Erik J. Olson and Kevin Daisey, the founders of Array Digital, through their ups and downs and lessons learned as they grow their digital marketing agency to $100 million in revenue. In each daily episode they'll discuss what's working now, and what's not. They'll share entrepreneurial and marketing tips and tricks picked up while becoming a dominant player in the ever changing digital marketing industry.

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The Need for Contracts with Any Business Activity

As Erik continues to do more speaking engagements, he realized the need for some sort of contract for these extra business ventures. In episode 188, listen in as Erik explains the contractual process he has created for these engagements, and his reasoning behind it.

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Why It Is Important to Guard Your Time

In episode 187 of Journey to $100 million, listen in to Kevin as he shares why it is important for him to guard and protect his time. Kevin’s time is very precious as the founder and CMO of Array Digital, where there is so much to do, with only so many hours in the day.

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The Complexity of Switching Task Trackers

How do you manage all of the things that your team needs to get done? In episode 186 of Journey to $100 Million, listen in to Erik as he explains how we track our tasking here at Array Digital, and how we previously transitioned to a new software.

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Follow along as we take our digital marketing agency from $1M in sales in 2018 to $100M by 2030. Hosted by Erik Olson and Kevin Daisey, the founders of Array Digital, our podcast chronicles the ups and downs, the wins and loses, and the tools and strategies we deploy along the journey to becoming a dominant player in the ever changing digital marketing industry.

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