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The Managing Partners Podcast

Hugo Gomez

Episode # 292
Interview on 04.04.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Hugo Gomez

Representing: Abogados Now

Hugo Gomez is a seasoned expert in the field of lead generation with a digital marketing background and over 15 years of experience.

Originally from Ecuador but now based in Los Angeles, California, Hugo has cultivated a niche expertise in servicing the Spanish-speaking legal community.

He has notably ventured into the legal sphere to tackle the complexities of lead generation and marketing for law firms targeting Hispanic clients.

As the founder and lead of his agency, Abogados Now, Hugo leads a 50-strong team of bilingual digital marketing professionals focusing on generating leads and providing bespoke services to attorneys who recognize the necessity of advertising in Spanish.

In this engrossing episode of the Managing Partners Podcast, host Kevin Daisey welcomes guest Hugo Gomez, who sheds light on the specialized world of marketing for law firms in the Spanish-speaking demographic.

Hugo brings a captivating perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities that come with marketing to a niche yet expansive audience.

As the conversation delves into Hugo’s journey and the inception of his own agency, the narrative broadens to encompass the importance of comprehensive commitment when marketing to the Hispanic community.

He emphasizes the lack of shortcuts in achieving success in this sector and the crucial role of mobile, social media, and video content.

The discussion uncovers the rich diversity within the Hispanic market and articulates the growing necessity for law firms to adopt bilingual strategies.

The episode is not just about marketing to a specific audience but also touches on the symbiotic relationship between agencies and law firms—underscoring the collaborative responsibility needed to drive success.

Hugo’s insights are particularly revealing for law firms contemplating entering or expanding their presence in the Hispanic market.

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