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The Managing Partners Podcast

Robert Ingalls

Episode # 287
Interview on 02.29.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Robert Ingalls

Representing: LawPods

Robert Ingalls is a former practicing lawyer and the founder of LawPods, a podcasting service specializing in podcasts for law firms.

With an initial interest in the criminal side of law, Ingalls pivoted from almost seven years in law practice after realizing it wasn’t for him, particularly due to the emotional weight of criminal defense work.

He transitioned into the realm of podcasting, where he found his niche in helping legal professionals establish and run their podcasts.

His story of career change and focus on personal development and leadership has played a critical role in the establishment of LawPods.

In this episode of the Managing Partners Podcast, host Kevin Daisey welcomes Robert Ingalls, an expert in legal podcasts.

The conversation kicks off with Robert sharing his journey from practicing law to founding LawPods.

With a mission to help law firms harness the power of podcasting, Robert and Kevin dive deep into how podcasts can serve as a strategic platform for attorneys and firms.

Robert’s narrative offers an authentic look at the challenges lawyers face and the potential solutions through podcasting.

He emphasizes the importance of initiating a podcast with a clear strategy, identifying desired outcomes such as lead nurturing or referral driving.

The episode also explores various podcasting formats suitable for law firms, including monologues, collaborative discussions, and interviews with experts serving the dual purpose of content creation and relationship building.

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