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The Managing Partners Podcast

Eda Rosa

Episode # 289
Interview on 03.14.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Eda Rosa

Representing: Eda Rosa LLC
Eda Rosa is known as the “CEO Paralegal”, a title bestowed upon her by her audience and followers.
With a dynamic legal background that started with her role as a billing clerk ascending to a litigating paralegal, Eda’s curiosity led her to explore various legal practices including real estate, personal injury, family, criminal, and her ultimate favorite, corporate law.
Transitioning from a “W2 paralegal career” to entrepreneurship, she founded Eda Rosa LLC.
As a mother seeking flexibility, her company now specializes in upscaling legal professionals, providing essential on-the-job training, staff empowerment, and efficient law firm operation strategies.
Additionally, she hosts her own podcast, “Let’s Talk Paralegal”, aiming to support and empower legal staff members through education and community engagement.
In this enlightening episode of the Managing Partners podcast, host Kevin Daisey introduces Eda Rosa, an expert who intricately bridges the gap between legal education and practical law firm experience.
The conversation dives into the critical role of paralegals and legal support staff, highlighting their influence in law firm growth and client satisfaction.
Discover how Eda’s entrepreneurial journey led to her fostering a community that shines a spotlight on non-lawyers within the legal industry.
Key points of discussion revolve around the importance of investing in firm staff, recognizing warning signs of poor productivity, and executing team-building strategies to maintain motivation and efficiency within a firm.
Outsourcing and the intricate process of staffing are also touched upon, providing listeners with a clearer understanding of how to manage their human resources effectively.
Eda emphasizes the significance of treating employees well, offering them growth pathways, and ensuring they have access to the tools and training required to excel in their roles, mirroring the investment in client relationships.
The episode underscores the mutual benefits of clear communication, goal alignment, and the valuable outcome of internal promotions.

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