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The Managing Partners Podcast

Michael Cowen

Episode # 291
Interview on 03.28.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Michael Cowen

Representing: Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock and Trial Lawyer Nation

Michael Cowen is a seasoned trial lawyer hailing from San Antonio, Texas.

He is a prominent figure in the realm of litigation, with a specialized focus on mostly trucking litigation.

Michael manages two law firms: Cowen Rodriguez Peacock, a boutique firm that emphasizes cases referred by other attorneys, and Begum and Cowen, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which engages in direct-to-consumer advertising.

Known for his passion for the courtroom, Michael sits as the senior decision-maker at his Texas firm and plays a significant role in the management team of the New Mexico entity.

Beyond his administrative duties, he stays deeply involved in litigation, actively participating in trials and major legal proceedings.

In this insightful episode of the Managing Partners Podcast, host Kevin Daisey dives deep into the importance of processes and procedures with guest Michael Cowen, a trial lawyer known for his success in the field of trucking litigation and effective law firm management.

Through their dynamic conversation, they shed light on the transformative power of meticulous systems within legal practice.

Michael Cowen shares his journey from working laboriously on every case to strategically focusing on attorney referrals, which significantly boosted his average fee and case quality.

He delves into his decision to streamline operations and how doing so multiplied his income while reducing his working hours.

Cowen underscores the significance of maintaining regular client contact and comprehensive file reviews to ensure client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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