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The Managing Partners Podcast

Ben Leader

Episode # 293
Interview on 04.11.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Ben Leader

Representing: Elrod Pope Accident & Injury Attorneys

Ben Leader, a Rock Hill, South Carolina native, is a diligently practicing attorney with a rooted presence in the state.

An alumnus of Clemson University and Campbell University Law School, Ben’s zest for the legal domain was stoked under the mentorship of a local circuit court judge post-law school.

His deep-seated association with Elrod Pope Law Firm is marked by his status as a second-generation attorney, sharing the professional space with his father, Jack Leader.

With an ethos of evolving and adapting, Ben has played a pivotal role in steering his firm through transformative growth, particularly in the realm of intake processes and client acquisition.

In a compelling new episode of the Managing Partners Podcast, host Kevin Daisey welcomes Ben Leader, an attorney with an engaging story of rejuvenating his firm’s trajectory.

Ben’s first-hand account provides rich insights into the operational pivot that has propelled their growth, particularly in the realm of client intake.

As the conversation unfolds, Ben Leader delves deeply into how his firm confronted inefficiencies and strategically reinvented its intake process.

Ben reveals the enlightening journey his firm embarked upon, transitioning from a worker’s compensation stronghold to a 75% personal injury caseload, all while combatting the pitfalls of traditional, less data-driven methods.

Through a gripping narrative, the episode uncovers the impactful decision to undergo a thorough intake audit which led to a remarkable increment in case sign-ups, signifying a 210% growth without additional marketing expenditure.

This strategic mastery has not only resulted in operational optimization but has also sparked a philosophical transition towards a more volume-based approach, without sacrificing the firm’s boutique essence.

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