We want to make sure that all of the products we produce are high quality and remain that way. We understand that no one looks forward to a recurring bill. But we feel strongly that our WordPress Support & Protection plans are the best option for website owners, and here’s why.

The primary reasons we feel so strongly about our WordPress Support & Protection plan:

  • When you need changes, you’ll already have web designer hours set aside ready to go. You won’t have to come out of pocket and won’t feel nickeled and dimed. You’ll move to the front of the line and you’ll get a 25% break on our by the hour rate. Plus we’ll already have full access to your website and won’t have to charge you to get your username/password, and to relearn your website.
  • We’ll provide website and database hosting.
  • We will generate a new SSL/TLS certificate quarterly. That will protect all of your website traffic with bank-grade encryption. Besides the added security benefit, Google will bump your in page rankings because they expect websites to be protected these days.
  • We update your WordPress plugins, themes, and WordPress core weekly. Each time a new version comes out, if you don’t update it then your website exposes a vulnerability and those are how hackers get into your website and cause damage.
  • We backup your website and database daily. This provided the ultimate disaster recovery strategy.

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Mobile Application Launch

Back in the day there was fierce competition in the mobile phone industry. Apple dominated while Android, Windows and Blackberry were hot on Apple’s heals. Those days have long since passed. Android has dominated for the past six years. Apple iPhones are a distant second in terms of units sold, and Windows and Blackberry are relics of yesteryear.

So when you launch your mobile application, launch on Android for sure. If you can, support Apple too. Hire a company that supports both without having to rebuild the app from scratch (2x the cost) for the second platform.

Array Digital builds mobile applications that are optimized for Android and Apple devices. Tell us about your idea!

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Hiring a new software company

As a professional software developer, one of the most challenging tasks is the inheritance of an existing product. Whether the product is still in development or has already entered its support life-cycle, there are many pain points and possibilities for confusion and delays. However, there are several things a product owner can do to help ease the transition and make sure the new development team has a strong chance of success. Below is a list of some of the biggest hurdles associated with development of an existing product, along with some advice on how to prevent these obstacles from interfering with the successful completion or continued support of your project.

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How SEO Works

How SEO Works

How SEO WorksHow SEO Works

Web-based businesses are being created everyday, but for them to succeed, they need to fully understand how SEO works. The SEO process is constantly changing, but there are several strategies and tools that aren’t going anywhere.

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Lantero is an Underground Utility Company which specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling. The company has excelled in building and developing excellent client-focused relationships by providing superior customer service and a deep, professional commitment to their craft. They are a tight-knit team of experienced professionals able to deliver a quality product at the best possible price.

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Intellectual Property ProtectionIntellectual Property ProtectionFirst let me disclose that I am not a lawyer. The legalities of Intellectual Property (IP) protection and enforcement are complex and expensive. Whenever a legal question arises in the course of our business I defer completely to our lawyers. It happens often and we spend a considerable amount to retain a top notch law firm to draft contracts, review agreements, to counsel us on what level of risk we’re exposing ourselves to in various situations, and to provide risk mitigation strategies.

Keep in mind, you can sue anyone for any reason. And vice versa. The case be without merit, but the parties will need to fund the legal battle. None of the below techniques, alone or in combination, will ensure 100% protection against IP infringement. But if applied together then your risk exposure to theft of intellectual property is greatly decreased.

There are many precautions you can take to protect the intellectual property of your digital products.

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Strategies for immutable JavaScript

Immutable data is a concept that I had to deal with while writing my first reducer for ngrx/store. The idea behind immutable data is that it cannot be changed after creation. This simple shift in state management can make applications more simple to build and easier to debug. With a single source of truth you have a contract in hand that will free you of a whole class of problems that plague mutable applications.
I’ll share what I’ve learned so far. Keep in mind that these examples stem from my experiences using ngrx/store but are in no way directly tied it.

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WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

WordPress Security VulnerabilitiesWordPress Security VulnerabilitiesThere are over 1 billion websites on the internet today and 28 percent of them are powered by WordPress. That’s over 280,000,000 WordPress websites and counting. You may be asking yourself, “How fast is the WordPress market share increasing?”. A whopping 50,000 new WordPress websites are launching each day and over 22 billion pageviews a month are served by WordPress sites.

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) in use today. When only looking at websites that are powered by a CMS platform, WordPress holds 60% of the market. Joomla is the second most used CMS with a meager 6.3%, followed by Drupal with 4.8%, Magento with 2.7%, and Blogger with 2.5%. It’s safe to say that WordPress is dominating the CMS market and is forecasted to remain the reigning champion.

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Recycling Perks

Recycling PerksRecycling Perks

Array Digital has been selected by Recycling Perks to provide Hosting & Continual Support on a recurring basis for recyclingperks.com. Continual Support ensures that Recycling Perks, a state of the art mobile responsive web application, remains well maintained, updated, optimized, and ensures business continuity.

Recycling Perks, a leader in increasing recycling participation and reducing landfill wastes. Recycling Perks supports eleven municipalities on the East Coast including Richmond, Atlanta, and Hollywood Florida, located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Through big data techniques, website members are automatically issued points each time their recycling bin is emptied. Points are redeemable for discounts with local retailers.

Members recycle and Recycling Perks rewards! https://recyclingperks.com

Learn more about Array Digital’s Continual Support Services.

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