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Social Media Management For Law Firms

A core component of any law firm’s marketing is building brand awareness. As a business, you know there is value in establishing your brand and subsequent messaging, as it helps clients see you in a respected, successful light. Social media can assist with that.

Social media marketing for law firms must specifically work to build your brand — who your law firm is, what it does, how it operates, and what it can do for the prospective client. Proper branding also helps you establish thought leadership within your industry. Social presence undoubtedly builds your firm’s overall recognition. Then, when a social media user needs legal representation, they will quickly recall your firm’s name and experience, giving you a call. Whether you are a personal injury, family law, or trademark attorney, branding is absolutely critical.

  • Create brand awareness
  • Stay front & center
  • Become the go-to practice
  • Establish thought leadership

Target your audience

People use social media for leisure. However, they also use it to find content and engage with brands, making it a valuable way to connect with your target audience and turn them into potential clients. Use social media to provide informative and engaging content. Be a resource of information and answer the commonly asked questions that can help resolve users’ problems. We’ll stay engaged with clients and prospects by commenting on posts and responding on your behalf, all while staying true to your brand’s tone.

  • Informative and educational posts
  • Make your profile a resource
  • Establish yourself as the expert
  • Engage directly with potential clients

Grow your following

Over half of your prospective clients will engage with your content before deciding to work with you. Appearing on your target audience’s feeds is what creates leads, and our strategic social media posts help get your phone ringing. From popular hashtags to eye-catching posts, we work to increase engagement.

  • Increase your following
  • Boost engagement
  • Drive customer acquisition

Acquire new clients

Those tweets and hashtags you are putting on your social posts may not seem like much. However, these are some of the most basic ways for you to attract new potential clients. Social media tools have a design to allow you to post content that’s valuable to someone. That content educates people but also builds your brand.

In many ways, those posts are going to convince someone that you are able to help them. That means they are more likely to reach out for help. Being present on social networks also allows you to advertise easily. This is another way to build your potential clients. Facebook ads and other types of paid ads on these platforms can place your firm’s information right in front of someone that is looking for specific help.

The American Bar Association found that 35% of lawyers who use social media professionally have been able to gain new clients as a result.

  • Reach your customers throughout their journey
  • Be top of mind when they need your service
  • Generate new cases
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