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The Managing Partners Podcast

Luis Scott

Episode # 285
Interview on 02.15.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Luis Scott

Representing: 8 Figure Firm

Luis Scott is a seasoned professional in the legal industry with a career spanning over 20 years.

Starting out as a part-time receptionist and interpreter, Luis’s drive and business acumen catapulted him to the position of managing partner at the very first law firm he worked for.

From there, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own firm, which he grew to seven-figure revenues.

Subsequently, he embarked on another partnership that boasted multiple eight-figure growths. Luis’s passion lies in the business side of law firms, focusing on growth, sustainability, and imparting his knowledge to other firms.

He is the visionary behind 8 Figure Firm and the author of four books, including “The Nine Principles of Exponential Growth” and “The King of Growth.”

In this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast, host Kevin Daisey welcomes the return of Luis Scott, a dynamic entrepreneur and legal industry maven known for transforming law firms into prosperous businesses.

As we delve into Luis’s extensive background, listeners are treated to an inspirational story of a man who carved a niche for himself in the realm of law firm management and entrepreneurial success.

Luis Scott shares his trajectory from beginning in a legal firm to becoming a managing partner and subsequently founding his own successful firms.

The conversation pivots to Scott’s current venture, 8 Figure Firm, which is revolutionizing the way law firms approach business growth.

Luis’s methodology, encapsulated in his books, has guided nearly 150 law firms toward significant revenue milestones, with 20 achieving eight figures in predictable annual revenue.

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