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The Managing Partners Podcast

Leah Miller

Episode # 284
Interview on 02.08.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Leah Miller

Representing: LNM Financial Services

Leah Miller is a knowledgeable financial professional specializing in helping law firms manage their finances effectively.

With over 13 years of experience that began with her tenure as a paralegal, Leah swiftly moved up the ranks to manage a personal injury law firm by the age of 26.

She is highly educated, boasting both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA, and her career evolved into roles such as firm administrator and CFO.

Today, Leah runs her own company, started in February 2023, offering bookkeeping and fractional CFO services aimed at guiding law firm owners toward financial confidence and growth.

In this insightful episode of The Managing Partners Podcast, host Kevin Daisey welcomes Leah Miller, a veteran in law firm administration turned entrepreneur, to discuss the significance of financial management for law firms.

The audience is in for a deep dive into essential topics like cash flow, bookkeeping, and strategic financial planning that are pivotal for setting and reaching the growth objectives of a law firm.

Leah delves into her professional journey, outlining her rapid ascent and her eventual transition to owning a business that supports law firm owners in understanding and optimizing their financials.

The conversation then centers around the importance of goal-setting and the financial strategies required to achieve sustained growth in law firms, underlining the unique financial challenges they face compared to other industries.

Key themes include the encouragement for law firm owners to look beyond routine financial management and consider strategic investments to fuel business expansion.

The discussions emphasize the benefits of Profit First methodology in business financials, advocating for a proactive and educated approach to handling finances, both business-wise and personally.

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