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The Managing Partners Podcast

Laura Terrell

Episode # 272
Interview on 10.26.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Laura Terrell

Representing: Laura Terrell – Executive Coaching

Laura Terrell is a practicing lawyer with over 25 years of experience in various roles, including government, private practice, and in-house counsel.

She now works as well as an executive coach, including to help lawyers and other business professionals develop personalized business development strategies.

Laura Terrell joins Kevin Daisey on The Managing Partners Podcast to discuss personal business development planning for attorneys.

Laura emphasizes the importance of understanding your firm’s expectations and aligning your personal goals with those of the firm.

She also highlights the need for attorneys to develop unique strategies that cater to their target audience and build meaningful relationships.

Laura suggests leveraging digital platforms like LinkedIn and utilizing analytics to track engagement and adjust strategies accordingly.

She encourages attorneys to attend conferences with a clear plan and specific goals in mind, focusing on connecting with potential clients rather than just networking with other lawyers.

Laura also emphasizes the power of personal branding and finding what makes you unique in your practice area.

She suggests utilizing video and podcasting to showcase expertise and build connections with potential clients.

Overall, Laura emphasizes the importance of being strategic, personalizing your approach, and continuously evaluating and adjusting your business development strategies.

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