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The Managing Partners Podcast

Diane Paoletta

Episode # 271
Interview on 10.19.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Diane Paoletta

Representing: Phillips Nizer

Diane Paoletta is a marketing expert with a background in accounting.

She has worked with various professional services firms, including law firms, to develop and implement business development strategies.

Diane has a unique perspective on business development, having started her career as an accountant in a client-facing role before transitioning into marketing.

Diane Paoletta joins Kevin Daisey on The Managing Partners Podcast to discuss the importance of business development for all levels of a law firm, from partners to associates.

Diane shares her experience in implementing a formalized business development training program and the benefits it brings to firms.

She emphasizes the need for early training and nurturing of business development skills to create a culture of growth within the firm.

Diane also provides practical tips for effective networking and event networking.

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