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The Managing Partners Podcast

Yuri Eliezer

Episode # 270
Interview on 10.12.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Yuri Eliezer

Representing: Founders Legal

Yuri Eliezer is a patent attorney and one of the founders and managing partners of Founders Legal.

He has extensive experience in intellectual property law and has worked with numerous entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.

Yuri is passionate about legal tech and the intersection of AI and the practice of law.

Yuri Eliezer, a patent attorney and managing partner at Founders Legal, shares his journey in the legal tech industry and discusses the role of automation and AI in law firms.

He explains how his tech startup, the Patent Portal, transitioned into a law firm and the challenges he faced along the way.

Yuri emphasizes the importance of embracing automation and AI tools to streamline operations, improve client service, and enhance productivity.

He also discusses the potential of AI in drafting legal documents and the future of AI in the legal profession.

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