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The Managing Partners Podcast

Steve Fretzin

Episode # 267
Interview on 09.21.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Steve Fretzin

Representing: FRETZIN, Inc.

Steve Fretzin is the founder of FRETZIN, Inc., the premier lawyer coaching, skills trainer and peer-advisory leader for highly motivated attorneys.

He is also the author of the book “Sales Free Selling” and hosts the podcast “Be That Lawyer.”

In this episode, Kevin Daisey interviews Steve Fretzin about the importance of business development for attorneys.

Steve shares his background in business development and how he discovered the need for business development coaching specifically for lawyers.

He explains his philosophy of “business development,” which focuses on building relationships, understanding client needs, and guiding them through the buying decision process.

Steve emphasizes the importance of learning business development skills and how it can lead to greater success and control in a law practice.

He also discusses the challenges lawyers face in business development and offers tips for qualifying clients and asking for referrals.

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