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The Managing Partners Podcast

Stephen Novakidis

Episode # 266
Interview on 09.14.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Stephen Novakidis

Representing: Foley & Mansfield

Stephen Novakidis is the Managing Partner of the New York office at Foley & Mansfield, a national law firm specializing in product liability and general litigation. With over 22 years of experience, Stephen has a background in civil defense and has successfully managed the growth and diversification of the New York office.

Stephen Novakidis shares his journey from being a trial attorney to running an office. He discusses the challenges and rewards of managing a law firm, the growth of the New York office, and the firm’s focus on product liability and general litigation. Steve also highlights the importance of joining peer groups like Vistage to learn from other leaders and gain valuable insights.

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