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The Managing Partners Podcast

Jonathan Goodgold

Episode # 263
Interview on 08.17.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Jonathan Goodgold

Representing: Goodgold West & Bennett LLC

Jonathan Goodgold is an attorney and managing partner at Goodgold West & Bennett LLC, a full-service law firm based in Millburn, New Jersey.

With over 20 years of experience, Jonathan specializes in employment law, collections, and litigation.

He is known for his expertise in building relationships and networking to grow his practice.

Jonathan shares his journey as an attorney and the challenges of managing a law firm.

He discusses his experience working at different firms, starting his own practice, and eventually merging with his current firm.

Jonathan emphasizes the importance of networking and building relationships in the legal industry.

He also highlights the need for smart growth and adapting to changes in the market.

Jonathan’s firm focuses on providing a diverse range of legal services and fostering a collaborative culture among its attorneys.

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