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Get Unlimited Visitors from Google for Free

Episode # 262
Interview on 08.10.2023
Hosted By: Erik J. Olson
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About Get Unlimited Visitors from Google for Free

Representing: Array Digital

Erik J. Olson is the CEO and co-founder of Array Digital, a digital marketing agency that specializes in law firm marketing.

With years of experience working with law firms across the United States, Erik is an expert in helping law firms attract potential clients to their websites.

In this webinar, Erik J. Olson discusses how law firms can attract free and unlimited potential clients to their websites using digital marketing strategies.

He compares traditional advertising methods like billboards, radio, and TV to the unlimited potential of Google search results.

Erik explains the different sections of a Google search results page and highlights the importance of organic SEO (search engine optimization) in driving targeted traffic to a law firm’s website.

He also shares real-life examples of law firms that have seen significant growth in website traffic and leads through organic SEO.

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