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Benefits of Working with a Google Partner

There’s been a lot of buzz around our office since we were awarded Google Partner status for our growth in digital advertising. Google awards Partner status to companies that feature teams of Google-certified advertisers, manage a substantial amount of ad spend for their clients, and demonstrate a track record of successful return on investment. It’s like getting a pat on the back from the biggest name in advertising. But there’s more to it than that. Being a Google Partner comes with benefits to our clients as well! Here are a couple of the key upgrades our clients get because they are working with a Google partner.

Exclusive Education and Training

Google Partners are provided with numerous exclusive opportunities for ongoing education, including product trainings, certifications, and sales trainings. The more we improve with specialized education, the more we fine-tune our expertise to better serve our clients. Our Google certified employees are well versed in every one of the Google Ads features, and we are able to maximize their potential for each client.

Immediate Technical Support with Real People

Google likes to reward the people who are getting the best return on investment for the clients, and through Google Partners, we get access to personal account managers. What that means: we don’t have to sit through long phone lines and prolonged email exchanges when working to improve your account or troubleshoot an issue. This provides immediate access to real people who spend all day every day learning the technicalities, helping us to keep our learning up to date. They are incredible pools of exclusive knowledge and assistance backing us to ensure that we can provide optimal performance for our clients.

Customized Growth Strategies

Every business is unique with its own vital goals, and a key part of your growth plan is tracking your progress to see what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to Google, your digital marketing team needs to be able to set up precise conversion tracking to optimize your approach. When you work with a Google Partner, you combine the proven effectiveness of the Google Partner with the extra muscle of Google’s analytics advisors that help make sure your conversion tracking is both accurate and streamlined. This way, you can get a clearer view of how effective your strategy is and what tactics you can capitalize on.


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