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The Business Case for Switching to WordPress

Companies often come to us for advice on which content management system (CMS) they should use for their website content. In many cases, they have used another platform for years, such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, or one of the dozens of other options available. These companies tell us they have heard that switching to WordPress is a good idea, but they don’t have enough information and experience to make an educated decision about it.

From a technical standpoint, WordPress has many commonalities with other CMSs, so the reasons for choosing WordPress relate more to market share and support than to its technical merits. If you are in the process of selecting a CMS, here are some of the key reasons, from a business and a continuity standpoint, for considering WordPress.

First, take a look at the below pie chart showing CMS usage distribution across the top 1 million websites from late December 2019.

The Business Case for Switching to WordPress

Data from: BuiltWith.com

Data-Driven Business Decisions

The chart’s data shows us that:

  1. WordPress has over 10 times the market share of its next CMS competitor.
  2. WordPress nearly has more CMS market share than all other CMSs combined.

Numbers don’t lie – why choose (or retain) a CMS that may be on its way to obsolescence when WordPress will effectively do everything you need it to do?

It’s also important to understand that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find developers who have the skillset, and desire, to support the numerous non-WordPress CMSs in the marketplace. Consistent, reliable support is a critical component of having a reliable website for your online visitors.

Why Market Share Matters

Picking a software platform is a big decision. Do you want to go with a highly supported platform with a growing market share, or risk hitching your wagon to a smaller platform with a shrinking market share?  If your chosen platform’s market share drops below a critical level and stops being supported, your website could become outdated, and more importantly, vulnerable to security breaches, which can negatively impact your business.  This is certainly an unacceptable risk that can be minimized by choosing a robust and well-supported CMS like WordPress.

WordPress does have some vulnerabilities, but these are more a matter of keeping your website consistently up to date. WordPress as a platform is looking like it will be around for a long time, but you may want to consider a support plan for your website. The foundation is secure, but a support plan will help protect and enhance your digital investment.

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