Why do I need a WordPress support plan?

Erik Olson
Erik the Founder & CEO at Array Digital. We help grow businesses through custom software, websites, and digital marketing.
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We want to make sure that all of the products we produce are high quality and remain that way. We understand that no one looks forward to a recurring bill. But we feel strongly that our WordPress Support & Protection plans are the best option for website owners, and here’s why.

The primary reasons we feel so strongly about our WordPress Support & Protection plan:

  • When you need changes, you’ll already have web designer hours set aside ready to go. You won’t have to come out of pocket and won’t feel nickeled and dimed. You’ll move to the front of the line and you’ll get a 25% break on our by the hour rate. Plus we’ll already have full access to your website and won’t have to charge you to get your username/password, and to relearn your website.
  • We’ll provide website and database hosting.
  • We will generate a new SSL/TLS certificate quarterly. That will protect all of your website traffic with bank-grade encryption. Besides the added security benefit, Google will bump your in page rankings because they expect websites to be protected these days.
  • We update your WordPress plugins, themes, and WordPress core weekly. Each time a new version comes out, if you don’t update it then your website exposes a vulnerability and those are how hackers get into your website and cause damage.
  • We backup your website and database daily. This provided the ultimate disaster recovery strategy.

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Learn More About WordPress Websites
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