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Best Website Design in Norfolk

Although we’re physically located one city over from Norfolk, the Southside is so tightly intertwined that it’s impossible to not cross city boundaries on a daily basis. Since we have several website design clients in Norfolk, we visit quite often. Many potential clients in Norfolk also call us for our website design and digital marketing

A few of us at Array Digital live in Norfolk. Most of us have worked in Norfolk at one time or another. Our founder, Erik J. Olson, worked out of the Wells Fargo building for a time and spent another three years working on Granby Street. Norfolk runs in our blood and is baked into our DNA.

But every so often we get asked who else also does website design in Norfolk. Always wanting to be helpful, even if we don’t get the sale, we’ve provided information over the years about other agencies.

Some agencies we’ve listed in the past are no longer in business. Your mileage will vary, but we encourage you to talk to other web design agencies and freelancers in Norfolk. 

In the end, we’re providing this information because we’re confident that you’ll find our offering to be the most professional, and the most all-inclusive, and we’re 100% sure you’ll want to partner with us. 

  • 757 Creative Space: They’re a coworking space on Granby St, but they come up on Google Maps for website design. Not sure why…maybe one of their coworking tenants is a website company? Or they may do some websites here and there. Honestly, we’re not sure. 
  • Aspire Web Design: Looks like they have several hosting plans, but you’ll need to pick how many gigabytes you want. 
  • Ciniva: They’ve been around for a while. We hear they’ve gone through a management change recently. They only 1 review on Google. Well…wait…they have a second listing in Google too? 
  • Dallavilla Design: Google Maps has them on York St. We haven’t heard of them before, so we’re not sure if the listing is right. It may just be an old company. The website connected to their Google My Business listing loads all Chinese characters. 
  • FreshySites: A “partner location” of Xclusive Clothing & Media Print Co.
  • InnovaSystems: Focusing on military readiness, InnovaSystems has several contract vehicles and a wealth of experience servicing those who serve their country.
  • Ivision Studios: Their website is down. ☹️
  • Jumpswell: Aerial photography, graphic design, custom canvas, prints, and more.
  • Luxury Flash Websites: They’re listed in Google Maps but without a website. We did a Google search and couldn’t find them either. Sorry. 
  • Pfeiffer Production: Websites, graphics, video, photography, print, audio, written content, and all other related aspects of multimedia. But beware – their site relies heavily on Flash. Flash was effectively banned from the web a few years ago when Apple refused to load it on iPads. Our laptops haven’t loaded in a couple of years. ☹️
  • Surf Your Name: We’re not familiar with these guys, but looking at their website it seems like they work mostly on eCommerce websites and also do IT work. 
  • TechArk: Outsourcing their software development to a remote team to India, TechArk also has an office in downtown Norfolk on York St.
  • United Networks: Their most recent website project was posted in Nov 2017 (at least that’s what we see on their website as of the time we wrote this article in August 2019).

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Erik J. Olson

Written By Erik J. Olson

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Website Design, Online Advertising, SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing.
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