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Array Digital specializes in website design in Chesapeake. We’ve been located in Chesapeake, off of Battlefield Blvd and Eden Way since early 2017. 

Some may “claim” (erroneously) that Chesapeake is a boring city, but we don’t think so. We work in a great area with a nearby lake and with a lot of restaurants nearby. Chesapeake is a great place to run a website design company. So we don’t care who said Chesapeake is boring…they’re wrong!! 😊

Because of our long history in website design in Chesapeake, we’re uniquely positioned to provide information for anyone who is looking for a website designer locally. We’ve seen a lot of companies come and go, and we talk with other website design companies often. 

We even host a monthly meetup for website designers and marketers named Marketers Anonymous. At the meetup, we teach other website designers and marketers about the latest trends and how to avoid some of the perils of the industry. 

All-Inclusive Website Design

Website design is our specialty. Our all-inclusive pricing ensures that you never need to worry about getting billed for asking us to make a small change or even a big change. One monthly price covers everything – a new website, unlimited website changes, weekly updates and patches to your website, nightly backups, and more services than we can even list here. 

We even provide a dedicated project manager and in-house website designers who track and finish every one of your requests to completion. 

Oh, and we hate it when one of our vendors tells us to enter our request as a ticket. You’ll never, ever hear us tell you to “enter a ticket into our portal.” We’re your partners, not your vendors, so we’ll never treat you like that. 

Just email, call or text us and we’ll take care of it for you. Easy peasy.

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Who Else Provides Website Design in Chesapeake?

Every once in a while, a prospective client will ask us what other website designers there are in Chesapeake. Wanting to always help, even if that means potentially losing your business, we’re providing the below list of other companies that provide website design in Chesapeake. These are companies that we found on Google.

Why is Array Digital providing a list of competitors?

We believe so strongly in our all-inclusive pricing, our experience, our design capabilities, and our ability to create a beautiful website that gets more leads calling you, that we’re confident you’ll choose us over these other companies. 

Check some of them out. 

Once you do, we know you’ll be more convinced than ever that Array Digital is the perfect fit for you for website design in Chesapeake!

  • Advanced SW Technologies: A certified SBA 8(a), SBA SDB, and Virginia DBE and SWaM company. If you work for the government and need an IT contractor at work, they may be a fit.
  • Avelex: Former CPA turned part-time web developer.
  • CDG: The initials stand for Computer Design Graphics. Their owner has a 30-year background in print. Looks like they also make websites for small businesses. 
  • Internet Marketing and Design: They proudly state they don’t build websites using WordPress. They try to make the case that WordPress is bad, but did you know that WordPress powers 30% of the internet? It’s by far the most widely used website platform trusted by Fortune 500s and the US Government alike, in addition to hundreds of thousands of businesses. We’re not sure what technology they chose, but it reads like it’s a system. So, which would be more secure? A homegrown website architecture or a platform that powers more of the internet than any other platform? The answer is clear to us…we proudly leverage WordPress!
  • Pixel Lab: Home-based web freelancer.
  • Website Lessons: If you want to take lessons on how to build, maintain, and host your own website, you may want to contact them.
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Website Design, Online Advertising, SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing. Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Hampton Roads.
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