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Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Jake Maines
Jake Maines is the Digital Marketing Manager at Array Digital. Companies come to us when they’re sick of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t generate enough good leads. We maximize your investment through highly targeted digital marketing and online advertising.

Any article that you’ve read about digital marketing will tell you that you need to be consistently creating content. They’ll also tell you to drive traffic to your site through social media marketing and search engine optimization. Although time consuming and not always straight forward, these are must have strategies. But prior to driving extensive amounts of traffic to your website through the multitude of digital marketing tools you’ve heard about in the past, you must also follow the below strategies to make sure your site is setup to convert visitors into leads. Otherwise you drive prospects to your website and they won’t be able to easily figure out what to do next.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies:

  1. Have a clear goal in mind for what your website is going to accomplish for your business (leads, product sales, newsletter subscriptions, etc.)
  2. Narrowly define your target audience and speak to them throughout your copy, branding, videos, and images
  3. Remove items on your site that create uncertainty or distraction
  4. Fix broken links and add internal links throughout the article to ensure seamless navigation
  5. Reduce the number of options in the menus
  6. Make web forms more accessible and as easy as possible for visitors to submit by placing them above the fold and including as few fields as possible
  7. Make the company phone number and email address prominently visible
  8. Improve call-to-actions throughout the site with tangible action verbs and phrases that create a sense of urgency (brainstorm 10 possibilities before choosing one)
  9. Ensure that the value proposition for submitting your form is very apparent and inline with what your customers are searching for (“Contact Us” contains no illusive benefit)
  10. Avoid clutter and use directional cues (your homepage is your online storefront and visitors should have a clear understanding of what you want them to do next)
  11. Define how your product will help the visitor solve their problem (listing product features isn’t enough)
  12. Add testimonials to service/product pages to prove your credibility
  13. Constantly make gradual adjustments by A/B split testing (there is no right button color)

All digital marketing efforts should have a concrete goal that will yield a return on investment. Don’t spend time driving traffic to a website that will not result in visitors spending money. These conversion rate optimization strategies will lower your website’s bounce rate, increase the average time on the site, and help to convert visitors into customers.

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