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Here at Array Digital, we’ve designed over 500 websites. This new web presence has helped small businesses in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and beyond legitimize their brand. 

Here are a few things to consider in your website design process:

Your customers are on mobile 

Let’s face it, there are not nearly as many people using desktops as there are using mobile phones. Your customers are mainly going to be looking for businesses on their phones. If they aren’t able to learn about your business quickly and seamlessly, they will move onto the next.

Your website is your first impression 

Even if you have a website that works on mobile devices, how it looks has to stick with the viewer. It has to be simple yet impactful, seamless yet unique. A good trick is to have a tagline that sums up your business right in the header.

We live in a fast-paced world 

It’s more important now than ever for your site to load fast so your customers can get information quickly. Even if there aren’t a ton of images on your site, uncompressed coding and poor server hosting can cause slow loading times.

While these guidelines are universal, every website we tackle is different. We serve all different industries and have to accommodate their needs, along with keeping very different types of customers happy. Here are a few websites we redesigned, maintaining all of our clients’ needs while making it simple for their customers to use:  

Video Game Heaven

In case you are either not a resident of the cities where Video Game Heaven has a physical presence (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake) or you are not a gamer, Video Game Heaven is a specialty retailer of video game products and collectibles that you won’t find anywhere else. They buy, sell, and trade, offering a huge selection of games both new and used at affordable prices. Gamers, this place is for you!

We were excited to work with this client because it was an area we had yet to explore despite the fact that one of our web designers, Jason, was a ‘90s gamer. 


Website Design Before and AftersWebsite Design Before and Afters

Video Game Heaven prides itself on having games, figurines, and collectibles that are rare and hard-to-find. We wanted to inject that same feeling into their website. They requested a retro design which gave our web designers the freedom to be more creative and use more textures and bright colors that are so often excluded from website design. But as we reported in Web Design Trends of 2019, retro is all the rage in web design this year as nostalgia seems to be overtaking the largest body of active consumers: millennials.


Website Design Before and Afters

Website Design Before and Afters

We kept a lot of the same elements from the previous website: we wanted the same valuable information delivered to the user, just in a more on-brand way. We replaced the stark white background and walls of black text with a pink and purple color scheme that organizes everything into sections broken up with pictures of the store’s interior and the rare products they sell. We kept their quirky elements and gamer references just in a cleaner, subtler, and more easily digestible fashion.

FunVille Playground


Website Design Before and Afters

The biggest obstacle posed by the FunVille Playground web design requests was taking two separate websites with completely different themes and making one seamless site. With submenus, sections, and dropdowns, we took over 20 links on their previous homepage and integrated them in a way that improved the user experience by simplifying the navigation. 

For example, testimonials were previously buried in the footer of the old site. 


Website Design Before and Afters

We made the reviews a spotlight section on the homepage, so customers can read rave reviews before they take a trip to the indoor playground. The old website design was image-heavy making it slow to load and the text was compressed and therefore hard for users to read. 

Website Design Before and Afters

The new design is mobile-responsive and while it’s still incredibly visually appealing because that’s what their audience is attracted to, it loads faster and seamlessly combines all the elements the client wanted to see on the site. 

Website Design Before and Afters

We also scheduled a few dates to go take photos at each of the locations to ensure we were using the most accurate and highest quality images of the facilities on their website. 


Mechanical Service Company

The area’s top HVAC company has been with Array Digital since our very beginning. A new website was in order when we first signed them but we’ve partnered with MSCO in every way in the subsequent years. 


Website Design Before and Afters


Website Design Before and Afters

We integrated the contact form and reviews flawlessly into the website. Because the point of any website is to make the company money and bring in new clients, we wanted to make it so that filling out the contact form was the next obvious step. This helped to lower the bounce rate of the website and increase the number of leads they were getting.  

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