Updates to Our Core Values

Updates to Our Core Values

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You Need Core Values

Today I wanted to talk to you about our core values. We’ve had these core values for quite a while, but we’ve recently made some updates and we feel very strongly about our core values. But the updates we’ve made recently, which happen time to time are going to set us up better as a company to actually achieve the goals that we’ve set forth. $100 million is quite the goal.

A Sense of Urgency

So let me start with the updates. So before we had a core value, which was “on time,” and now looking back, since we’ve made this change, it seems ridiculous. On time is absolutely expected. It’s expected of you as a business person going to a meeting. It’s expected of our employees that are showing up to work or a daily huddle that we have.

So, on time is expected. It’s not extraordinary and it’s not above and beyond. So we’ve updated on time to urgency, you know, obviously to have urgency no matter what the client needs. If it’s supposed to be due tomorrow, we’re going to get to it before that. If it’s, you know, a two-week project for our client, we’re going to do it in one week or as fast as possible. We want everyone that works for us here and ourselves to have urgency for us, our clients, whether it comes to a meeting sales or just sharing experiences.

So whatever it is, we have to be on the ball with urgency in everything. So that’s one of our updates is on time was now scratched out and we’ve updated that to urgency.

Client Obsession

The next one was one that was “client satisfaction.” Again, now that we’ve updated it and looking back it was the bare minimum. So satisfaction is basically, yeah, I’m satisfied or you know, you’ve met the minimum requirements to make me not angry at you, but I’m not maybe a promoter or I’m going to refer you business or, you know, give you a five-star review.

So client obsession is now the new one. So we took client satisfaction. We scratched that out. Now we have client obsession, so we want to be obsessed with the client. We want our team to be obsessed with every client that they’re working for, that they want to make sure that everything we do is in their best interest, is going to help their business grow because that’s going to make our business grow. We’re going to get referrals, we’re going to get reviews, we’re going to have references for days.

So that’s the two things. That’s all I’ve got to share with you. So, on time to urgency and client satisfaction to client obsession. Talk to you next time.


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