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The Rise of TikTok and How Your Law Firm Can Use It

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Trends in video marketing are constantly changing and it can be difficult to assess and evaluate them, deciding which one would be best for your company and your clients. One versatile application that is rapidly making its way to the top as the best social media app is TikTok. 

“What is TikTok?” you may ask.

TikTok is a versatile video-sharing application, comparable to the late, not-so-great Vine. Users can film and transfer videos as long as 15 seconds while blending in melodies, audio effects, sound chomps, and an assortment of enhanced visualizations.

TikTok is fun and simple to use, and all it requires is a phone. Yet, its highlights remunerate clients that take as much time as is needed in innovatively moving toward new creative content through its interesting parameters. Its client experience makes it simple to watch unlimited circles of channels dependent on explicit interests and patterns.

It initially originated from, a mainstream application used for lip-syncing videos. This app was released in 2017 by ByteDance (a tech organization situated in Beijing).

TikTok’s Growth

TikTok has seen a tremendous flood of downloads in the U.S., undoubtedly because of Jimmy Fallon, host of a TV show, turning into a fan. He told his viewers to act like a tumbleweed and upload the video to TikTok. It was the greatest commitment flood the organization had seen. The test created more than 8,000 entries with 10.4 million viewings.

TikTok has encountered quick development as the company adjusts its advertising methodology (and brand name) for the US showcase. October 2017 saw TikTok’s US debut with over 2.6 million downloads. Around seven months after the fact, in March 2017, that number had developed to 3.9 million preceding arriving at 6.8 million in June 2018. By September 2018, one year after its US showcase, the number of remarkable guests had reached 7.5 million, more than twofold the same period the year before.

How Advertisers Use TikTok

The short video position is viewed as successful by most advertisers and is drawing in paid media spending plans, with advertisers putting an expanding level of them spend on Instagram Stories.

However, while this development is positively noteworthy and seems promising, we have to take a look at how advertisers update their current techniques. TikTok is still pretty small compared to the goliaths of online networking (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and clients can be famously flighty; what is hot one day may not be the following day. Snapchat is a perfect example. In 2017, Snapchat was the unmistakably most loved app as compared to other social media apps. However, it has since seen a decrease in its prevalence with this same age group as Instagram makes progress in arriving as the top social networking platform among American youngsters.

TikTok still has far to go before it can be compared to the social media giants. As a point of correlation, comScore found that as of June 2018, Facebook had 200 million users over the age of 18. Instagram was at 139.7 million and Snapchat had 134.1 million, making even TikTok’s most recent March 2019 tally of 14.3 million meager by comparison.

Videos that perform best on TikTok:

  • Funny videos
  • Dancing videos
  • Show ability
  • Inspirational videos
  • Imitation videos
  • Spoof videos
  • Special attractions
  • Miss sister, my younger sibling
  • Pet-related videos

Businesses using TikTok


Chipotle, a prevalent Mexican café, has more than 55,000 fans on TikTok. Their use of this application includes the distribution of different posts having music, other references to their menu items, and images related to their brand.

Chipotle has been pretty active on TikTok for the sake of promoting their business and use different hashtags for this purpose to bring the users close to them, giving them a way to relate to the brand by being present on a social media app they use.


With an incredible 5.1 million fans, the NBA’s record blends game features with music montages and persuasive statements.

The Basketball association uses its TikTok for purposes dissimilar to the uses of Instagram. On Instagram, the NBA basically focuses on basketball games and different features related to it. On the other hand, TikTok is for a lighter portrayal of the players and the association’s image. For example, they post different music videos with the different team mascots doing stunts.

While you may anticipate that the NBA should concentrate on details and games, it utilizes the application’s melodic highlights to help up the marketing and make its competitors look progressively unrelatable.

United Nations IFAD

When you consider how agribusiness or government bunches advertise themselves, the last place you’d think is on an application like TikTok.

The gathering, which expects to battle world yearning by advancing rustic farming, is utilizing TikTok to spread familiarity with their motivation to new crowds. While most records on this rundown are utilizing cleverness to draw in fans, IFAD has adopted a strategy that grasps useful posts and persuasive videos that hopefully urge watchers to change the world.

In the more enlightening posts, IFAD distributes top-notch short movies of individuals cultivating the world over.

As of late, IFAD has gotten inventive by promoting the #danceforchange challenge. As a component of the test, the association urged crowds to film themselves moving while at the same time utilizing the #danceforchange hashtag in descriptions.

Written By Erik J. Olson
Founder & CEO
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