The Power of Personal Gifts

The Power of Personal Gifts

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I got an email today from a brand new client with the subject: Erik, this is why we chose to work with you and Array Digital.

Small Gifts Go a Long Way

Now let me back up about two or three days. I sent her a book that was written by a friend of mine, Zack Miller, I bought a bunch of these. And I sent her a copy of the book and a handwrote in a card, an Array Digital card, something to the effect of “Hey, here’s a book by a friend of mine that hasn’t been published yet. I think you’ll enjoy it and it’ll give you a sense of how to go about marketing.”

I mailed it to her, it took, I guess, two days to get to her and the email that I got from her, I already told you the subject, the body of the email said: The things like this that you’re doing, Erik, show that you care about us and that you’re invested in our future. And she attached a picture of the book and the handwritten card to the email.

Now, it was such a – well, I’m about to say it was such an easy thing to do – it was relatively easy to mail an inexpensive gift to somebody. Now, we’ve been sending these out all week to new clients, to existing clients. And just about every single client that has received one of these has commented. She’s not the only one.

Earlier today, I went to a kickoff meeting with another brand new client and the very first thing he said was, “Thank you for the book. I plan on reading it.”


So it’s really interesting to me that, you know, we bought these books for about $15 each and we’re sending them to our best clients and the return on investment is just, frankly, astronomical. I mean, what is it worth to have a happy client that is so happy that they’re willing to either thank you in person or thank you through an email and take a picture? I mean, how many people are they going to tell about that experience? One? Two? Three? I mean, even if they don’t tell anybody, they’re thrilled, but if they tell one person that could possibly lead to another client, the return on investment is just enormous.

Even If It Feels Like a Big Chore

It’s a very small thing to do and like I said before – I was about to say it was easy – but the reality is that I had to create a to-do list for myself for that day – it was in my power list and I’ve talked about that before – but it was one of the five things that I said I was going to do on that given day. I really didn’t want to do that particular one because it was getting late in the afternoon, I had to stick around for a little bit longer, but I did it. I had to drive to the post office and mail it off. I’d rather just not do it, but I did it and it was worth it. The client’s happy and she’s going to tell other people – this is a brand new client – it’s the best way to start off a client engagement.

So, something very small, something that is manual – it’s not sexy, nor easy to automate, it’s just grunt work but it pays off and people respect the fact that you’re willing to do a little bit of work to do something a little bit different to show you’re appreciation.


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