The Danger of Automated Social Media Posting

The Danger of Automated Social Media Posting

There is a tremendous amount of importance about what you post on social media. Clearly, with social media, the idea is that you want to represent yourself, really your own brand, but you want to do it online the same way that you would if you were meeting someone in person.

Automation Tools

What I see happen a lot of times is, people will start off on a social media platform and they’ll start off doing all the right things. They post on a regular basis, they comment, they share relevant content from other people.

But over time, they tend to slow down. Some individuals who are really conscious about building their brand, a lot of times will turn to automation tools that will go out and find the content that’s relevant and post it on their behalf.

There’s a couple of tools out there that will actually take other people’s content in a particular category and post it for you. A lot of times, they will post it automatically. Now, you have the opportunity to review it, especially if you sign up for a paid service.

But what I’ve also found is that people turn this on autopilot.

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Posting Autopilot

What happens is, they start with a tool to help them create content and then the tool itself just takes over. When you see this on a person’s profile, it’s pretty obvious. So what do you see?

You see a lot of quotes from famous, historical people. They’re also sharing articles and links to other people’s websites that have something to do with their business. A lot of times, those links to other people’s websites are actually their competitors.

So the automation tool is on autopilot and the person themselves has no idea at all what is being posted through their profile. As you can imagine, it’s very easy to spot, and over time the likes go down, the shares go down, the comments go down, and it just deteriorates that brand that the person is trying so hard to build up.

I would look into automation tools, but no matter what, it’s your brand, it’s your profile that is being affected. So make sure that you review every single piece of content that goes out. If you’re going to Tweet or post an article on Facebook, read the article first. If you don’t, frankly, you’re lazy and it shows. That just gives people the incentive to click that unfollow button.

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