The Best IT Companies in Hampton Roads

There are many good Information Technology (IT) companies in Hampton Roads. Our list of the best IT companies in Hampton Roads includes only IT companies who focus on Managed Services and don’t dabble in unrelated services such as software development, creative services, accounting, or general business consulting. When you need IT help, you want to work with an IT specialist.

Most IT companies start with a “break/fix” mentality. Break/fix means that if you break something (ex: “my printer doesn’t work”) then they’ll come by and fix it. Often break/fix companies will invoice you for a block of time (ex: 40 hours) that you can use in the future when stuff breaks. The problem is that everything is an emergency and your cash flow will be unpredictable. Worse, break/fix doesn’t focus on getting your IT infrastructure any better – it’s just patched.

The best IT companies proactively avoid these problems in the first place. This level of IT service is called Managed Services. With Managed Services you outsource your entire IT department and infrastructure to a company that is fully committed to support you. They have processes for receiving your calls and commit to a level of service you’d expect. And they proactively monitor for activities like reaching your bandwidth or resource limits, and they assist with cybersecurity concerns. Most importantly, they plan for infrastructure changes and proactively improve your IT. Companies like this perform these services  for one predictable monthly fee you can include in your annual budget.

You may be wondering why we, a software company, are producing a list of the best IT companies in Hampton Roads? IT and software are inextricably linked, but different and specialized enough so that there is little to no overlap between the work both do. Our clients need both IT and software, and we work with IT companies often. It’s always a relief when we can work with one of the best in Hampton Roads. When our clients don’t have an IT company already, we recommend only the best.

The best Managed Services IT companies in Hampton Roads are:

  • 360IT Partners: Formed in 1995 and run by Martin Joseph, they’ve grown through several mergers and acquisitions. Located in Virginia Beach, their ideal client has 10 to 300 workstations and is located in one of either Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, or York County.
  • Cetan Corp: Located in Chesapeake, VA, Cetan Corp serves mid to large clients throughout the United States. Run byBrad Scott, they provide Managed Services and enterprise products that they will integrate with your existing enterprise.
  • Cloud Server Techs: Located in Hartford, NC, but with people in various geographic regions, they have several technicians within 45 minutes of all locations in Hamptons Roads. As you can probably tell from their company name, their focus is on getting you integrated and in the cloud. Once you’re in the cloud, physical proximity is less of a concern. Run by Bobby Umplett, they have technicians throughout the United States, a 45-person call center in Pennsylvania, and provide 24/7 monitoring along with the IT project support you’d expect.
  • NetTek: Formed way back in 1991 and run byJohn Almeter, NetTek has grown into a full service managed services and hardware reseller company. TheirDesktops2Go service moves your employee’s desktops into virtual desktops in their cloud, which are then backed up and accessible from anywhere.

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You can use this list of recommended companies as a starting point, and then select the one that is the best fit for your company’s needs and culture. Whoever you select, it’s important that your IT and software consultants work well together to ensure that your products and systems run optimally, which helps you maximize your bottom line.

Erik Olson

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