Telling Stories in Digital Marketing

Telling Stories in Digital Marketing

I want to talk about storytelling in advertising. In traditional advertising, things like print, TV, and billboards have a lot of space. On the other hand, you also have a lot of time where you can actually tell a story.

The Art of Storytelling

Why would you want to tell a story? The story puts your advertisement in the same context as what you hope your ideal prospect is thinking or feeling. This is where you can use imagery. You can use a little bit of a plot, and you can tell a story. You can use emotion to actually position your product.

When you tell a story, you are able to relate to your consumer or whoever you may be selling to. You are able to connect with others on a more personal level where the consumers may continue to relate to your brand.

2-Line Storytelling

With digital and online advertising, you don’t really have quite as much time or space to do the same thing. Think about Google AdWords. With Google AdWords you have two lines of text, and that’s about it. You do have some extensions. You can add your phone number, you can add hyperlinks to some of your secondary pages on your website – but all you have is two lines of text.

It’s actually pretty difficult to tell a story, but you should still strive to position your product to address what the user is thinking or possibly feeling – definitely their intent.

Let’s say that you search for air conditioning or AC specialists. Why do you think that would be? Certainly, their AC’s broken. Their AC needs new service, but what’s maybe another reason? What’s the driving reason? The AC’s off. It’s hot. Your family is suffering. Your uncomfortable, right? You can address those kinds of emotions, those kinds of feelings even with just two lines of text.

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Pictures – In or Out?

Now, there’s other advertising online, static kind of advertising, non-video, where you have pictures. With pictures you can still tell a story. Let’s say the exact same scenario, AC is broken or an AC ad. Certainly, you can have a picture of an AC unit, right? That’s pretty obvious. Maybe you have a picture of a mechanic, the actual person that’s going to coming out, the technician that’s going to come out and work on your AC unit.

That doesn’t tell a story. It shows the product, but maybe you can have an upset family, maybe a bead of sweat coming down your forehead. It’s possible it’s the image of the sun just blasting away and you’re hot. Basically, you’re hot, you’re miserable, you may not be able to sleep.

The key here is to understand the emotion of the advertisement. Understanding the emotions can help with advertising, and make your customer more comfortable.

Just because advertising is moving online, doesn’t mean that the art of advertising is disappearing. Think about the emotion. Think about the intent. Think about what kind of a story you can blend in, even for your text or your images.

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