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For the last three or four days, I’ve been putting off a task. One of the local entrepreneurial websites has asked me to produce an article explaining why it is that we picked Orlando to expand to as our second office. And for multiple reasons, it just hasn’t happened. I haven’t written the article, I’ve been busy and it’s just, you know, bottom of the list and I’ll get to it one day.


Well, I just recorded a whole bunch of episodes for this podcast and one of those episodes is the actual answer, which is why we expanded down to Orlando. Now the cool part is that I took that audio file and I uploaded it to a website called temi.com. And what Temi does is it uses artificial intelligence and it transcribes the audio into text. So I just looked at it, it only costs by the way, 10 cents per minute.

This was a four-minute episode that I uploaded. It took about one minute for Temi to process it and now I have 662 words as the basis for the article that I need to create and send over to this guy.

What’s awesome about it is that 662 words that I don’t have to sit down and think of and looking at a blank piece of paper trying to figure out what the heck it is. I’m going to say I already recorded the audio. I forgot that I needed to write this blog post until after the recording. So I just repurpose what I already had paid 40 cents. We did it literally in one minute and now I’ve got a draft article. It’s not perfect. I need to go through it and I’ll clean it up and there are a couple of ‘ums’ that I need to remove, things like that.

But wow! I mean it’s a huge jumpstart. It’s going to get me 80% of the way there. There are other services like Temi, there’s one called rev.com they charge $1 per minute and I think they have human beings that are doing it, so maybe the quality is a little bit higher.

There’s other ways to do speech to text. I’ve been experimenting with speech to text on my Mac. It’s built in using a feature called Dictation, which frankly is not that great. Temi I’m super pumped about. I mean, this, it’s going to save me like an hour probably. The worst is just when you know you have to write something and you don’t even really know where to take it. But I mean record it, right? I mean, usually you can say a super fast and just get it out of your system and that we’ve got something to start with now. You’re going to have to tweak it and everything, but I mean, wow, 80% solution for 40 cents. Love it.


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