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Should your mobile app target Apple or Android?

Back in the day there was fierce competition in the mobile phone industry. Apple dominated while Android, Windows and Blackberry were hot on Apple’s heals. Those days have long since passed. Android has dominated for the past six years. Apple iPhones are a distant second in terms of units sold, and Windows and Blackberry are relics of yesteryear.

So when you launch your mobile application, launch on Android for sure. If you can, support Apple too. Hire a company that supports both without having to rebuild the app from scratch (2x the cost) for the second platform.

Array Digital builds mobile applications that are optimized for Android and Apple devices. Tell us about your idea!

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Erik Olson
Erik Olson is the Founder & CEO of Array Digital - experts in designing, creating, and supporting digital products for premium brands and well positioned startups. Reach him at or on twitter at @erikpmp.
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