Page One: It's All About the Clicks

Page One: It’s All About the Clicks

We hear a lot about dominating page one of Google, and that still holds true, but what’s the point of dominating page one if you don’t get any clicks?

Google Ranks Versus Clicks

We had this problem at Array Digital awhile ago where we had a couple of links on page one, but no one was clicking through. We used a tool that shows the click-through rates for all of the links that were on page one, and we couldn’t believe it because most links were at about 0%. While on the other hand, everyone else on the page – even people with a lower rank than us – received a click-through rate greater than 0%.

Page One: It's All About the Clicks
For some reason, what we had said in our links and displayed on Google for our links just wasn’t compelling enough.

Staying on Top

We went through and looked at the titles, we also looked at the descriptions that were being shown by Google from our web pages. We updated all of them, and sure enough, it was a continual process. We were looking almost on a daily basis to see what our click-through rate was, and over time, it began to improve.

As a result, we now detail exactly what the click-through rate is and exactly what our positions are at least every two weeks in a written report and a video report for each client. Again, it is important to realize that there’s no point in being found on Google, or on page one of Google, if you don’t get any clicks.

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The Big Takeaway: Clicks Count More

Don’t forget to be updating your meta descriptions to make sure that your link doesn’t just appear, but it provides a preview that seems valuable enough for a real, human user to want to see what’s on your site.

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