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To grow your orthodontist practice, you need new patients — but traditional marketing methods won’t reach the modern consumer. Today’s family starts their search online, and you need an online presence to get new patients in your clinic. Array Digital has proven digital marketing strategies orthodontists can use today. Contact us through our contact page or call 757-333-3021 for a free comprehensive website audit and strategy session to see how you can improve your online presence and reach more potential patients for your practice.

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Orthodontist Digital Marketing Strategies

Today’s orthodontic practice still grows primarily from referrals from friends or primary care dentists. Still, the next most common source of growth in the dentistry and orthodontic field is an online search. If you can’t be found online, your practice will struggle to grow.

According to a recent survey, 19% of new orthodontic patients find their orthodontist through a web search. This fell behind personal referrals (25%) and dentist recommendations (30.5%). In other words, if you want people to discover your practice, you need an online presence. People need to be able to find you online through a strong, easily found digital presence.

To do this, you must have pay-per-click marketing, SEO, local search marketing, a social media presence, and more. Often, creating a working plan is not easy without the help of a digital marketing agency to come alongside and help you build that presence.

Search Engine Optimization Remains a Top Internet Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization, or SEO, remains one of the best ways to reach people with online marketing campaigns. A properly optimized site will target people searching for an orthodontic dental practice through Google and other search engines, and this is an invaluable source for new orthodontic patients.

If you have been working in digital marketing long, you know that SEO involves keyword strategies, but it goes beyond that. The primary focus of search engine optimization is a search-friendly website design. You need a web design that the search engines can easily crawl, so they will show up early in the results when prospective patients are searching.

Content marketing is also a part of your SEO. This is where the keyword research falls into place. You can target specific keyword strands potential patients would search for and use those to build content on your site. Add a blog that will provide additional opportunities to build your SEO efforts and target specific keywords.

Pay Per Click Marketing Increases Your Reach

PPC marketing gives you the ability to fine-tune your targeting of Google search results to specific keywords for the orthodontic industry. While SEO works well and can effectively put you on top in the search results, effective PPC campaigns make it easier to target your marketing and reach your specific audience.

Google AdWords remains one of the top PPC platforms. It allows you to target keywords and pay for your place in the search results. However, this process is not easy, and you will need some extra help along the way.

Many orthodontic treatment providers find PPC challenging, especially bidding effectively on keywords to draw targeted traffic. Working with marketing experts will help you create and manage effective PPC campaigns using analytics to fine-tune those using analytics.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media provides another marketing solution that can build your online presence and keep you at the forefront of your target audience. An active social media presence is essential to being the orthodontic practice people think of when they are ready to schedule a consultation.

You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms to target patients and work on your reputation management at the same time. Even YouTube can be tapped as a social media advertising opportunity. Use personal and local content to post to these sites and grow your visibility.

Start by building a positive online presence on these platforms, then partner with an orthodontic marketing service to use those pages effectively. By responding to comments and posts, you can show your local demographic that you are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional as a practice.

Once you have a presence on social media sites, you can use that presence to grow confidence in your practice, engage with potential patients, share thoughts about the orthodontics industry, and brand yourself as a leader in your local community. These efforts will improve your online visibility and overall digital marketing strategies. Finally, you can use paid advertising on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to draw even more people to your practice.

Local Search Marketing Strategies

To target the right potential patients, you need to target those that live in your local community. Local search marketing does this in a few ways.

First, you need to build a local presence through online reviews. When people see that you have happy, local clients and the search engines see those reviews too, you will notice a boost to your online credibility.

Second, you need a Google My Business page. This will increase your local SEO when people search for orthodontic services in your local community. Keep this page updated when your information, like hours or phone numbers, changes.

Finally, add your practice to other local business directories, keeping the contact information consistent across these platforms. These listings will further boost your local SEO efforts.

Other Online Marketing Strategies

There are other ways you can market your online presence as an orthodontic practice. Brand reputation management is one of those ways. Brand reputation management refers to monitoring what consumers see about your business and taking action when you notice problems with your brand’s image. This process involves monitoring social media, reviews, and Google. It works best with the help of a skilled team of online marketing strategists. With the right online marketing company, you can easily monitor what others say about you online and respond appropriately to those comments when they pop up.

Along with this, online reviews are a vital part of your marketing strategy. Sites like Yelp are trusted with potential clients, so make sure you get listed and encourage reviews on these pages. The Array Digital team can help you create strategies that make it more likely that your patients will leave reviews.

Reviews help in two ways. First, they give you a place to showcase satisfied clients. You need to encourage happy patients to post reviews, as this builds your credibility. Second, it gives your practice the chance to respond to and rectify problems when negative reviews occur. Reviews build trust — even if they are negative reviews — because they show that you are a real practice that is willing to take care of patients even if something goes wrong.

Build an Online Marketing Plan With Array Digital

Many orthodontic practices struggle with online marketing because they do not have time to create a plan and then stick to it. You are busy serving your patients, managing billing, and handling insurance. That’s why you need to partner with a skilled online marketing firm to help with this process.

Array Digital is an online marketing agency with skills in orthodontic and dental marketing. We understand the unique needs of orthodontic practices and their target audiences, and we are ready to help you create an effective marketing plan that will work. Our online marketing knowledge combined with our knowledge of the dental industry and what potential patients need will help you find success.

When you choose Array Digital, you partner with a personal strategist who will assist with your marketing and develop a strategic marketing plan. Because the plan is personalized to your practice and your target audience, you can be confident that it will reach them well.

With help from Array Digital, you don’t just have a plan. You have support to help implement that plan and analyze its effectiveness. Your plan is designed to get results to grow your practice more effectively with your online marketing efforts.

Request a Free Orthodontist Website Evaluation or Marketing Consultation With Array Digital

You need an online presence to reach today’s orthodontic patients. Array Digital can help you build one. Request a free consultation for orthodontist digital marketing services today by calling 757-333-3021 or using our contact form to speak with an experienced digital marketing expert at Array Digital.

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