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3 Ways to Optimize your Trane Dealer Locator Listing

Being a Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) comes with a lot of perks. One of the key benefits is being listed on Trane’s website as a preferred Trane deal. That dealer locator is linked to Trane’s residential website and is available here.

Tip 1 – Update your data

Customers can search for Trane dealers by zip code or state. Be sure that data is correct in the Dealer Locator! That is a rare problem, but it can happen. More frequently, other data such as the products and services you provide and your hours of operation are out of date.

When Trane receives an online lead for you they will email you a notification. Be sure that you give Trane an email address that works and you check often. If not then you’ll be losing out on hot leads.

Also, be sure that your business is properly registered with Google so that your Google reviews show in the Dealer Locator. Be sure your business name and address are identical between your Google My Business account and in the Trane Max Portal. That’s how Trane pulls your reviews into the TCS Dealer Locator.

Another element of optimizing your listing is building large numbers of positive Google reviews. Here’s some of our favorite tips on how to get more positive reviews.

Tip 2 – Specify your service area radius

A new change for 2018 is that you will need to specify the radius, in miles of your service area. No longer will customers find only TCS Dealers in their zip code – they’ll find dealers whose service area overlaps their zip code. That means that you can get more leads from the Trane website if you properly configure your service area radius.

Tip 3 – Don’t over-promise

It’s tempting to enter a large service area so you get more leads. But if you don’t actually service those areas then it’s a wasted lead and can hurt your reputation when you have to tell the customer you can’t help. So don’t over-promise who you can help by entering a large service area. Just enter the actual service area you want to work in. Your local dealer rep will need to approve large service areas, so be ready to justify your requests if you do make them.

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