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Support your software products, business, and mobile workforce with custom made mobile apps. We create sophisticated, data-driven apps for Apple iOS and Android devices.


Our unique process takes your idea from concept to reality.

Our goal is simple; we will deliver the most robust, modern, and effective digital product possible. Every time.

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Designed for both phones and tablets, the apps were downloaded over 7000 times in the first week. The application continues to receive increase downloads and usage.

This app helps U.S. Navy sailors prepare for advancement exams required for them to further their careers.

We design, develop, deploy, and maintain feature-rich iOS, Android, and mobile web apps. The resulting products allow your end users to perform business tasks quickly and efficiently, and helps improve your revenue stream.

Beat your competition to market and mobilize your business today!

One Codebase. Multiple App Stores.

Traditional mobile app development requires coding an application specifically for iOS or for Android. The code from one app cannot be reused for the other. The result is you literally build two applications - one for Apple and one for Android. That’s obviously a costly way to go.

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At Array Digital we harness a more modern approach to building mobile apps. Using our advanced frameworks and platforms, we can build it once and compile it directly to native iOS (for the Apple App Store) or to Android (for the Google Play App Store) so that we can easily deploy to multiple locations. Because the iOS and Android versions utilize the exact same API, database, and other services, we reuse 90% of our code base and simply customize for the user experience on the native mobile platforms!

Our efficient approach to creating native mobile applications saves you money and gives your business a competitive edge.


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