The secret marketing weapon for financial advisors

The Secret Marketing Weapon for Financial Advisors

As a financial advisor, you grow your business by building relationships with ideal prospects and moving them towards an in-person meeting. But due to heavy regulations, you’re left with few marketing options. Consider marketing on LinkedIn. It’s regulator safe and mimics your normal prospecting approach. But with LinkedIn, you can connect with ideal prospects at scale. Most people consider LinkedIn a “closed” network, similar to how they use Facebook to only connect with people they already know well. That is a mistake. Instead, think of LinkedIn as an in-person networking event. Your goal at networking events isn’t to hang out with coworkers and people you already know. It’s to mingle with people you don’t know. Once you’re introduced, and you determine they’re an ideal prospect, you can work towards them getting to know, like, and trust you. You can do that on LinkedIn, but it will take you hours every day. If you partner with my digital marketing agency then we’ll scale the process on your behalf. Imagine if 100, 200, or 300 times a day, our software sent a personalized message to ideal prospects at the optimal time. Here is our approach:

1. Grow your audience.

Find your ideal prospect by searching for new connections based on job title, seniority, industry, company, company size, and other professional attributes. You define your ideal customer. We’ll find hundreds even thousands of people that fit that bill.

2. Butter up your leads.

Send a personalized connection request that you craft in your own words. Nothing sales-y. Keep it simple like you would at a networking event. We’ll inject personal data such as their name, industry, and company name. It will result in a real request just like you would have sent yourself if you had time. We’ll send connection requests like this at scale, day and night, using our software.

3. Post content.

Every time someone logs into LinkedIn they can see posts created by their connections on their timeline. This is where you can post your “safe”, regulator-approved content. This will serve as another touch point and will continue to warm up your new connections. Post daily (we’ll do this for you).

4. Invite them to an event.

After a couple of weeks of being connected to you, send a personalized direct message in LinkedIn inviting them to your next event. You probably already hold regular events at your office or elsewhere. Fill the room with the new friends you made on LinkedIn.

5. Reinforce the invitation on Facebook.

Did you know that you can export your connections from LinkedIn, then import that list of names and email addresses into a highly targeted Facebook ad? Only your LinkedIn connections will see the ad, and it will invite them to your event. Again, nothing sales-y, just an invitation to an event. This serves as yet another touch point in a whole other platform. There are many more techniques for courting your new connections. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The key here is making those new connections, with ideal customers, and at scale in the background allowing you to service your existing business at the same time. – – – Want to grow your business with this approach? Give us a call at 757-600-04471.


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