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Video Marketing

In this fast-paced world of ours, there’s a constant barrage of new businesses and unique product and service offerings vying for our ideal customer’s attention. Along with that comes the need for you as a marketer or business owner to step into the ring, put up your dukes, and compete for that prospect in new and unique ways.

Video marketing may not be a new approach but it’s certainly a powerful – and effective – one. With the busy lives everyone leads, they want the option to consume information in a quick way that doesn’t require their undivided attention. In that case, they’re drawn 1-minute video more so than an article or service page that’ll take them 15 minutes to read.

Despite the demand for quickly-digestible content, only 60% of B2B companies are using the video marketing tactic and even more shockingly, only 10% are taking advantage of live streaming.

So whether you need a little more convincing on the power of video marketing, you’re ready to get started using it but you want to learn the best approach, or you’re a seasoned pro who’s looking for ways to refresh your content, this Marketers Anonymous meetup is for you!

About the Speakers

Sean Burke is a Professional Content Creator and spends much of his free time honing his craft in videography, photography, live streaming, design, and creating content for services like YouTube and Twitch. Sean serves as a social media manager for several streaming-focused groups online and has worked in marketing and advertising for the past 4 years.

Leveraging professional and personal skillsets Sean has personally raised more than $2,000 in online donations through live streaming efforts and helped coordinate fundraising efforts for causes including Extra Life, Special Effect, Take This, and GaymerX.

Matt Trygar is the founder and Creative Director of Flagship Visuals, a creative video production agency.

Under Matt’s leadership, Flagship has created high-quality visual content for clients like NBC sports, Daytona 500, STIHL inc, Travel Alberta and Capital One. Matt and his agency have a passion for visual storytelling that moves people to take action and change the world in a positive way.

In addition to managing Flagship, Matt loves spending time and seeking out new adventures with his wife Heather and their 2 boys Dean (the kind-hearted explorer) and Knox (the reckless bully)

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