11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Tourism Marketing

Fred Rose, Waterside District Director of Marketing
A company’s best marketing asset is their team. These days there are countless promotional and advertising channels — by leveraging your fellow employees you can maximize outreach while reducing costs. People like to buy from people, and putting a trusted face behind your latest campaign can dramatically increase the reception from a potential customer.

Waterside District hosts over 100 concerts, festivals, and community events each year — and activates an army of marketers as part of the outreach strategy. Sometimes there are upwards 150 employees promoting a single event at the entertainment district in downtown Norfolk. Attend “Win From Within” to learn how their comprehensive marketing strategy drives people to the district, week after week.

Key Takeaways
How to motivate your colleagues to “buy in”
Developing a winning game plan across platforms
3 tricks to leverage influencer marketing

Adriana Andrade, Marketing Manager for the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Catch 31, Salacia, Sky Bar, Hilton Garden Inn Oceanfront and Lager Heads along with Neptune’s park. Adriana had worked with Gold Key for 11 years, 2 of which she spent with Marketing until Shamin Hotels purchased the properties in September 2018. She has been a hospitality associate at the beach for 18 years and currently strive to bring more tourism to the Virginia Beach oceanfront in her current role.

She will be talking about – Tourism and the impact marketing can do on a destination market. The events and programs you can do to attract more tourism and great customers.

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